brutal rumor: coachella 2k11 lineup leaked, not leaked #rumorwave

as we near the official announcement, the annual coachella lineup guessing game is upon us and the internet-o-sphere has already taken to predicting the lineup based on bubbling rumors, tour schedules, album releases, iphone coming to verizon, myspace laying off employees, and statistics from past coachellas.

so as a member of the elite music blogging community, i too will construct a coachella 2k11 lineup consisting of totally uneducated guesses, wishlist rubbish, and past coachella participation factors. i have made sure to include some shitty acts since every year there are tons of barf worthy artists on the bill.

here is the brutal hipster coachella 2k11 lineup in no particular order…

best coast
velvet revolver
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
daft punk
kings of leon
lykke li
kanye west
major lazer
beach house
no joy
company flow *reunion
sufjan stevens
la sera
girl talk
dimmu borgir
valient thorr
busy p
dj medhi
sunn o)))
lower dens
toro y moi
gold panda
harrys gym
woah hunx *reunion
tame impala
tim and eric
das racist
aloe blacc
ty segall

what do you think? best lineup ever? are these bands on your wish list? are you gonna ditch at&t for the verizon iphone?

brutal faves: top blog posts of 2010

as is customary in the blogosphere, the compilation of year-end lists never ends… even weeks into the new year either due to laziness, partying, and/or family gathering depression.

i thought i would drag out the top 10 (er… 8) onslaught by digging into ye olde brutal archive and recap the first-ever calendar year of brutal hipster blogging with some highlights and higherlights. some posts were breaking, some instigated mad controversy, others were totally overlooked… but all spread the good word.

here they are in no particular order…
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breaking news: woah hunx changes name; now known as woah hunks

i was blindsided by the-artist-formerly-known-as woah hunx. my kitten ears perked when i saw them open for wavvvvvves recently. i like these darling punkers.

so im a bit sad that only a few months after discovering them, they are changing their band name. as of 15 mins ago, they will now be know as woah hunks.

why the name change? well theres another band called hunx and his punx. so to eliminate total confusion, the “x” will be replaced by “ks”.

in other bummer news, drummer matzah (john henry weinberg) is leaving the band. so perhaps this name change can serve as a significant marker that begins the bands next punky chapter.

now go listen to these fucks and go see them play cuz they always play cozy and affordable shows (like the FREE show at the echo tonight).

RootMusic BandPage by Woah Hunx

UPDATE: sorry kids… tonights show is not free… its a whopping $5. deal w/ it.

UPDATE #2: nevermind… they are no longer changing their name. matzah is still leaving the band though.