lil jon one-ups weezer, collaborates with sesame street

on the collaborative front, rapper lil jon has dropped his latest musical partnership with the sesame street gang, far outdoing the much ballyhooed weezer collab with kermit the frog and miss piggy.

the track showcases lil jon, big bird, elmo and the gang counting to 8, shouting “sesame street muthafucka”, proclaiming “reading’s the shit”, and declaring “i dont know nigga”.


sometimes U2 cant make it on their own; hire producers to write “club” bangers

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word has trickled through the interwebs that U2 is teaming up with various producers like redone (lady gaga), (black eyed peas), and david guetta on one of three upcoming albums… this one being a “club” record.

one can only assume this was inspired by the proliferation of electro/rave music highlighted by the justice remix of U2s own “get your boots on“. that remix transformed the the track into something less sucky by layering justice’s bass-heavy electro thump underneath the girly vocals of bono. the U2 lads went all discotheque on us before so its not an entirely shocking move. plus they wont need to alter their stage show since they already utilize major rave lazers and hi-def 1080p displays.

and weve seen such blatant displays of creative exhaustion and misdirection by aging pop stars before like madonna with her “ray of light” album. even aging teen pop stars resort to computers and trends like christina aguilera and her recent “bionic” album. or orange county ska punk bands get all reggaeton on us.

but everyone loves U2 because they do good deeds, have nice hair cuts, seem like approachable cool dads, and are ingrained in your soul via legit hits during your formative years. so this “club” record will no doubt be a major $ucce$$ and branch out to a whole younger pre-KCRW fanbase.

maybe U2 will co-headline a future hard fest alongside die antwoord and steve aoki and rivers cuomo… the hard 360 fest.

file this under #oldnew.

weezer collects raditude dog diarrhea, packages it as rarities album

brutal hipster favorite, weezer, are set to release a comp of old rare shit which is probably already avail elsewhere online, but as the past has revealed, the band doesnt mind $elling out and representing tastelessness.

despite the campaign to buy weezer into retirement, the band are forging ahead with the continued practice of collecting of fans’ money by releasing a (stupid) zero-effort rarities album with an accompanying zero-effort album cover and a totally irrelevant buzz phrase of an entirely different genre as its title, “death to false metal”.

peep the album cover to the right and reconsider the ten mil bill donation as a benefit to society.

dear weezer: eat this ten mil bill and choke and die and take kings of leon with you kthxbai

some james burns has pitched once-tolerable band weezer $10 million to break up, assuming fans of said bands commit to ponying up megabucks. mister burns cites false promises of besting their untouchable blue and “pinkerton” albums, as well as their abundance of post-“pinkerton” diarrhea, while casually mentioning he has “never been a fan”.

so basically, mister burns hates weezer and, like mister “buy this track” project, believes that, with the help of viral muscle, he can stuff money down the throats of lepers to cure what plagues us all.

cool, dude. we know weezer likes to sell out their souls to the muppets, snuggies, hurley brand clothing, pacsun, and the steve aokis so they would probably kill themselves for a cool ten mil. but u said urself that u h8 weezer so basically you are duping jaded fans to put money into your own selfish cause which will only spawn an awful rivers cuomo solo project.

brutal hipster fully supports the downfall of weezer but much prefers this happen on its own accord sans silly measures of bribery. and if bribery were successful, id much rather see it put towards the eradication of the kings of leon cuz brutal hipster has brutal h8tred towards the KoLs.

if you believe in this campaign, you can insert your money here:

(this post was written while not listening to weezer.)