brutal faves: mp3s of 2010

as a blog, its probably an important idea to do one of those year-end lists because youre not a legitimate blog without some ridiculous list that only serves to arbitrarily bookend a measurement of time. and since im new to blogging, i really want to be legit. so aboard the bandwagon i go…

here are my 14 fave mp3s of 2010 in half-assed countdown order as determined by my brutal and hip senses. was gonna do top 100 but a bunch of other shitty blogs already pulled that include-everything stunt. i wont stoop.

in brief, 2010 was all about kanye west because its always about him. but brutal hipster is not about kanye so here are my brutal faves sans kanye (with accompanying song in ipad-friendly video format).
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twin sister make music video to promote music theyre giving away for free

brutal hipster fave twin sister have posted a fun and colorful video for their funky chillwave banger “all around & away we go” from their “color your life” album (ep?) thats free for downloading if you know where to look. so i guess they are promoting free goods (though they have been known to yank freebies).

anyways, the video exercises your eyeballs and teases your brain cells by utilizing an array of colors and lighting, aerobics and dance moves, and sesame street animations as if inspired by previous videos posted on this blog. certainly not a waste. watch the vid:

All Around and Away We Go from Twin Sister on Vimeo.

is the music industry in danger of running out of band names?

in these modern times of fail whales, groupons, social graphs, and cell phone providers still sucking ass, there has been an abundance of too-similar band names colliding in my itunes library (ALL legally acquired of course)…

twin shadow/twin sister/eagle twin, deerhunter/the dear hunter/deerhoof, the black keys/black lips/black mountain/black kids/black angels/black rebel motorcycle club, neon indian/neon trees/neon neon, crystal castles/crystal antlers/crystal stilts, memory tapes/memory house/beach house, sweet cobra/black cobra, black breath/death breath, gold panda/hot panda, etc. etc. etc.

this collision course has paved the way for bands to come up with names that are entirely unpronounceable, sometimes containing characters that may not even exist on your regular qwerty computer keyboard like SUNN O))), oOoOO, !!!, ///▲▲▲\, SLEEP ∞ OVER, †‡†, ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ, etc…

are we running out of band names? are bands fucked? our music fans fucked? is the music industry fucked (up)?

twin sister change tune; now want u to pay for music

indie wavers twin sister have decided that giving away their music is uncool. they are withdrawing their debut ep, “vampires with dreaming kids”, from their website at the end of the day today.

after today, u must give twin sister monies in exchange for their mp3s via bandcamp. physical copies of the ep will be pressed even though no one asked for them.

now go steal the ep before they yank the tablecloth. hurry!!

twin sister all the way across the sky omg

despite having released their latest album back in march, twin sister has only recently been trending in the blogotwittersphere thanks to their name-twin, twin shadow, who has helped bring visibility to all bands that begin with “twin”. because “twin” is the new “crystal”… the new “neon”… the new “memory”… the new “black”.

twin sisters latest album “color your life” is a sweet collection of chillwave dream pop. lead singer andrea has one of those cute ‘n fresh little voices u just wanna… not stop listening to.

standout track “all around and away we go” is outstanding…

you can download the entire album here:

or pay for it here:

but as sufjan would say, “please pay full price but i wont tell you to.”