the weeknd does thursday

last week, hipster r&b singer/rapper from america’s hat known as the weeknd unleashed a new mixtape entitled “thursday”.

based on the amount of search traffic coming to for the new mixtape only because i posted about the first “house of balloons” mixtape, i thought it would be a good idea to drink some buffalo trace and blog about the latest mixtape.

“thursday” follows up the homemade r&b vibes but expands on the “house of balloons” blueprint incorporating subtle rasta vibes, improved garage band plugins/fx, more indie rock samples that i cannot identify, but lacking in beach house samples (which is the only reason i listened to the first mixtape anyway).

so it feels like things are starting to come together for the weeknd and more people are googling for them. i miss the beach house samples but “thursday” is still pretty hip and legit.

rumor has it, a third mixtape is forthcoming.

download the “thursday” mixtape here:

the weeknd release free mixtape, sample beach house, prob some other shit too

toronto alt r&b project the weeknd have dropped a free mixtape called “house of balloons”. i didnt think r&b could be tolerable considering the abundance of popular auto-tuned r&b pop crap. a couple tracks on “house of baloons” feature samples of brutal faves beach house. theres probably some other hip samples buried in there.

download and get groovy: