coachella expands to two weekends to ensure suckage for all

so… in a silly attempt to address its growing popularity via enormous ticket demand and self-aggrandizement, the coachella organization has decided to right-click copy and paste its event onto a second weekend (april 13-15, 2012 and april 20-22, 2012)… exact same lineup, same art, same venue. or so they promise.

their logic: since not enough tickets were avail for everyone who wanted to attend coachella, lets just do the same coachella twice so that everyone can attend.

the reality: its not gonna be the same event. and it will only attract more bozos. and, well… its lame.

its obvy impossible to ensure a duplicate event over two weekends. watch when next year tyler the creator cant make one of the coachellas cuz hes in trouble with the law. or when sufjan stevens wont get on stage for one of the coachellas due to a misplaced feather in his fancy winged cape. and the coachella orgs will brush these hiccups off by sending out a press release apologizing for the “incident(s)”.

but whatevs… the event which has already jumped the shark. thanks to the participation of low-talent bro-rock turds kings of leon, lamestream hip pop jerkface kanye west, and generally overpricing and underdelivering, coachella is merely just diluting their dry dusty desert brand.

of course all lame bros ‘n hoes from around the world will still help sell out the fest in record time probably by attending both and the coachella org will pat themselves on the back for having “succeeded” in solving the problem of coachella ticket demand.

demand is a good thing and coachella dont want it. do something cool like add a fourth date or sumthing. double rainbow coachella so stupes.

brutal rumor: coachella 2k11 lineup leaked, not leaked #rumorwave

as we near the official announcement, the annual coachella lineup guessing game is upon us and the internet-o-sphere has already taken to predicting the lineup based on bubbling rumors, tour schedules, album releases, iphone coming to verizon, myspace laying off employees, and statistics from past coachellas.

so as a member of the elite music blogging community, i too will construct a coachella 2k11 lineup consisting of totally uneducated guesses, wishlist rubbish, and past coachella participation factors. i have made sure to include some shitty acts since every year there are tons of barf worthy artists on the bill.

here is the brutal hipster coachella 2k11 lineup in no particular order…

best coast
velvet revolver
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
daft punk
kings of leon
lykke li
kanye west
major lazer
beach house
no joy
company flow *reunion
sufjan stevens
la sera
girl talk
dimmu borgir
valient thorr
busy p
dj medhi
sunn o)))
lower dens
toro y moi
gold panda
harrys gym
woah hunx *reunion
tame impala
tim and eric
das racist
aloe blacc
ty segall

what do you think? best lineup ever? are these bands on your wish list? are you gonna ditch at&t for the verizon iphone?

brutal faves: albums of 2010

u skimmed my fave songs of 2010 list… now here is the brutal hipster fave albums list of 2010 list for you to totally ignore.

though were are many excellent releases this year, these are probably the ones i spent the most time listening to. also, putting these picks in order of significance is pretty much the hardest thing a person can do. like sofies choice hard. but i cheated by looking at other blogs that already put out their year-end lists.

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brutal faves: mp3s of 2010

as a blog, its probably an important idea to do one of those year-end lists because youre not a legitimate blog without some ridiculous list that only serves to arbitrarily bookend a measurement of time. and since im new to blogging, i really want to be legit. so aboard the bandwagon i go…

here are my 14 fave mp3s of 2010 in half-assed countdown order as determined by my brutal and hip senses. was gonna do top 100 but a bunch of other shitty blogs already pulled that include-everything stunt. i wont stoop.

in brief, 2010 was all about kanye west because its always about him. but brutal hipster is not about kanye so here are my brutal faves sans kanye (with accompanying song in ipad-friendly video format).
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sufjan’s asthmatic confusion

previously on the real world, sufjan steven’s record label asthmatic kitty blatantly asked sufjan fans to consider fans pay more money for sufjan’s new album “the age of adz”. in other words, dont buy at a discounted price from amazon… buy from a smaller distro that puts more money back in the wallets of sufjan and the asthmatic kitties.

just now, asthmatic kitty posted an update on their facebook page directing people to amazon where sufjan’s 2006 album, “the avalanche”, is avail for a discounted $5 price in digital format (which is the same price via bandcamp fyi).

although this isnt the just released “the age of adz” album that the kitties previously barked at, this is still a discounted price. i thought the value of artistic elbow grease greatly exceeds that of a latte?

confused hipster…

sufjan’s second strike

im a casual bedroom guitar player. occassionally i’ll google guitar tabs so i can learn some songs to maybe one day impress a girl.

tonight, i thought id try to learn some sufjan stevens since he is hot on my playlist and girls seem to like him/his music. but since im honestly only a new fan of his, the only tab i recognized was for his “all delighted people” song.

so i clicked on the “all delighted people” link and was greeted with a blurb of text informing me that the user created transcription had been removed via a takedown notice claiming copyright infringement:

“The material that was posted to this page was removed from the site. Ultimate Guitar received a takedown notice from the copyright owner claiming that the user submission was an infringement of their rights. In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act we have removed the submission as requested by the owners.”

now just the other day, sufjan (via his record label) put out a statement attempting to disrupt the free market by suggesting his fans pay more for his forthcoming new album as a courtesy to sufjan and the elves behind his production. strike one.

tonight, this bullshit takedown of guitar chords is strike two all-the-way-across-the-fucking-sky. what are the forces trying to control here? do they fear that my learning sufjan’s chords and playing them to my future ex-wife will only remove him from the equation of getting a blow job from said future ex-wife?

for an artist who values his creative work, it is sad that his controlling ego extends all the way into my bedroom as a wannabe musician who actually finds inspiration in his creative work. now i will never be able to learn from sufjan’s work. if i ever succeed as an aspiring musician, i will only ever output kings of leon-caliber work thanks to sufjan who has locked away interpretations of his musical transcriptions.

so already having his new album in digital format via a leaky internet faucet brings me minor satisfaction. stay dusty ol’ guitar.

sufjan stevens/asthmatic kitty blatantly ask fans to spend more money

so earlier today, sufjan steven and his label asthmatic kitty issued a statement providing fair warning that when sufjan’s forthcoming new album, “the age of adz“, comes out it will be available through amazon at a discounted price (likely). BUT, the statement goes on to blatantly ask fans to spend more money by purchasing it from undisclosed alternatives at a non-discounted price.

why the forward greediness? well, they ‘claim’ that discounting music ‘devalues’ the artists’ work, and the promotion and distribution of physical product costs ‘more than a latte’. i dont drink lattes so i do now know what they are talking about.

but clearly, these people have been under a non-digital rock and do not understand that digital distribution costs nothing and the way people are consuming content these days is changing (rapidly). i mean, it would be a fair assumption that sufjan and asthmatic kitty do not know what lolcats are.

moreover, they go on to state that they ‘believe’ in you. um… who cares? as a consumer, you (the fan) is going to make the right choice AS A CONSUMER. do they believe that as consumers, their fans will fall prey to a guilty conscious built upon out-dated expectations of capitalistic entitlement?

for a half-second, i actually respected sufjan as a talented artist. but after hearing about this plea/demand, likely co-authored by lars ulrich, asthmatic stevens is clearly in the game to make ends meet.

here is the complete statement:

“So. We have it on good authority that Amazon will be selling The Age of Adz for a very low price on release date, not unlike they did with Arcade Fire’s recent (and really terrific) The Suburbs. We’re not 100% sure Amazon will do this, but mostly sure.

“We have mixed feelings about discounted pricing. Like we said, we love getting good music into the hands of good people, and when a price is low, more people buy. A low price will introduce a lot of people to Sufjan’s music and to this wonderful album. For that, we’re grateful.

“But we also feel like the work that our artists produce is worth more than a cost of a latte. We value the skill, love, and time they’ve put into making their records. And we feel that our work too, in promotion and distribution, is also valuable and worthwhile.

“That’s why we personally feel that physical products like EPs should sell for around $7 and full-length CDs for around $10-12 We think digital EPs should sell for around $5 and full-length digital albums for something like $8.

“So you might wonder why we’d ‘allow’ Amazon to sell it for lower than that.

“There are several reasons why, but mostly? It’s because we believe in you. We trust you and in your ability to make your own choice.”

after all this, i kind of regret buying a digital copy of the “all delighted people” ep at full price. i could have saved $1 buying it from amazon that could go towards my first ever latte. or i could have downloaded it for free from an mp3 blog. in that case, i could have had my first AND second ever lattes.

anyways, enough attention to this silliness… im off to download “the age of adz” leak…

odd: pronunciation of “adz” is “odds”

six days after releasing the most excellent “all delighted people” ep, sufjan stevens has announced his next full-length “the age of adz” is primed for an october 12th release.  this is great news because “all delighted people” delights me.

however, one day after declaring beach house’s “teen dream” as “best album of 2010”, news of a full-length sufjan release in 2010 means maybe ill eat my words. #speculativefun #oddtiming

surf the sufjan-wave

im sure you’ve heard about sufjan by now. but for good reason. his “all delighted people” ep, which clocks in at nearly 60 mins, is fucking fantastic, yet merely labeled an ep.

(that’s probably good for beach house, cuz i think beach house has already sealed “best album of 2010” with an album that was released in the first month of 2010.) #BOLDSTATEMENT

but i digress…

sufjan’s ep is epic. its so mellow and unassuming on the surface. but within the first 20 seconds, you’d have to be a dumbass pinhead to not realize the wealth of musical depth that lie before you.

“all delighted people” is steaming with melodic smarts layered with delicate soulfulness that i dont know where to apply the proper punctuation when describing that shit.

in short, the ep is beatles-esque and simon and garfunkel-esque. its so real and old-school that its futuristic. seriously… you listen to “throwback” shit like jet or wolfmother or whatever and that shit’s like new but trying to be old. sufjan is just real trying to be real.

whatever. ive said too much. listen for yourself. and then send him five bucks like i did…