song of the day: harrys gym “old man”

its not uncommon for scandinavian countrys to just gush out boatloads of extremely high quality music. harrys gym (despite the stupid name) falls in that realm of just another group of musicians from the northern most (norway in this case) that are on the verge of releasing a new album “what was ours cant be yours” through hype city recordings.

“old man” is a song from the album. the song is an angelic, spaced out, dream pop ditty that reeks of delicate instrumentation and is fortified with rich melodies. think fredrik with the sweet lady voice of vocalist anne lise frøkedal. they just dont make it like this outside of scandinavia.

feast your ears on this “old man” video (or d/l the mp3).

Harrys Gym – Old Man from heide on Vimeo.

song of the day/night: deerhunter “helicopter”

when i first heard about deerhunter, my kitten ears thought the band was “beerhunter”. clearly, hours of googling yielded no music related results. it was then when i realized it was “dear”, not “beer”. a little disappointed and confused, i continued my crawling of the internet. but what i discovered was not at all what i was expecting. turns out i was still incorrect. it was “deer”, not “dear“. jesus…

so here i am… soul-deep in deerhunter’s new album “halycon digest“. having explored “cryptograms” and “microcastle” as well as, i am convinced that deerhunter have hit it! “halycon digest” is their “reign in blood“, their “master of puppets“, their “merriweather post pavillion“…

the song that has captured my senses all day has been “helicopter”, a song that bleeds of bradford cox‘s soul–a tourtured and lonesome soul at the gates of end times. you get a sense of the innards of his emptiness. its moving, touching. musically, its every bit his solo project, atlas sound.

who’d a thunk so much emptiness could yield so much soul? immerse yourself…

song of the day: lower dens “tea lights”

a month ago, my fave beach house tweeted about a band called lower dens insisting that their new album “twin hand movement” is amazing and it is capable of “fucking you up”.

so i starred that little tweet and finally got around to sampling the album and i can say im pleasantly enjoying the album.  its not beach house-amazing but it still sparkles in its own special way.  the album is soft and mellow like beach house and minimal in sound like the xx.  they do have some recockulous song titles like “a dog’s dick” and “two cocks”.

anyways…get fucked up by lower dens.  track 2 “tea lights” is mandatory:

they are playing FYF Fest this weeeekend!!

UPDATE: they are playing earlier than sin… before 1pm. :