robotanists attempt to ride coattails of radiohead, record and release “the king of limbs” cover album 24hrs after release

los angeles band robotanists, who are currently riding silverlake lounge residency waves, has pulled a fast one having recorded and released a cover album of radioheads freshly released “the king of limbs” album a mere 24 hours after its release.

smells like robotanists are after only one thing and one thing only… hype. surely 24 hrs is far too little time to make a proper assessment of an album and those who are already worshipping/slamming radiohead for its genius/overratedness are quick to be dismissed for not giving realistic time to process the musics.

so we r on to you robotanists. the jokes on u if/when we discover “the king of limbs” to not be amazeballs.

stream the robotanists take on radioheads “the king of limbs” below or download it for freeeee over on their bandcamp site