robotanists attempt to ride coattails of radiohead, record and release “the king of limbs” cover album 24hrs after release

los angeles band robotanists, who are currently riding silverlake lounge residency waves, has pulled a fast one having recorded and released a cover album of radioheads freshly released “the king of limbs” album a mere 24 hours after its release.

smells like robotanists are after only one thing and one thing only… hype. surely 24 hrs is far too little time to make a proper assessment of an album and those who are already worshipping/slamming radiohead for its genius/overratedness are quick to be dismissed for not giving realistic time to process the musics.

so we r on to you robotanists. the jokes on u if/when we discover “the king of limbs” to not be amazeballs.

stream the robotanists take on radioheads “the king of limbs” below or download it for freeeee over on their bandcamp site

thom yorke loses his religion in new radiohead video “lotus flower”

radiohead have unveiled an artsy new video “lotus flower” to accompany the release of their new album. the video features thom yorke channeling his inner michael stipe while losing his religion and dancing in the spotlight in the corner.

have u downloaded “the king of limbs” to your itouch yet? where does the album rank in the radiohead catalog? does it matter since the radiohead catalog is bed bath above and beyond anything and everything else in the history of life?

radiohead didnt get memo that newspapers are dead; proceeds to release “worlds first newspaper album”

radiohead are attempting to stealing the grammy winning buzz from arcade fire today by announcing presale for their upcoming new album. as with any radiohead release in recent memory, it is wrapped with meaningless gimmickery catering only to senesless worshippers of the overrated band.

the new album “the king of limbs” is said to be “(perhaps) the worlds first newspaper album”. not sure what a “newspaper album” (thusly it being the first of its kind). according to the presale site, the “album” comes with a gazillion little pieces paper with colors and stuff. neat.

but apparently radiohead didnt get the memo that newspapers are dead. this gratuitous inclusion of unnecessary crap that servers only the purpose to take up space and collect dust is a backwards step for a band who likes to portray themselves as forward thinkers.

fortunately, the album will be available in a non-newspaper friendly, digital-only version thats playable on your kindle/nook e-newspaper reader.

but dont think you can pay-what-u-want for it this time around. the digital only version starts at $9 while the newspaper version starts at a hot $48. acquiring free radiohead musics via legit channels was fun while it lasted (though less fun on the ears).

preorder “the king of limbs” here:

brutal rumor: coachella 2k11 lineup leaked, not leaked #rumorwave

as we near the official announcement, the annual coachella lineup guessing game is upon us and the internet-o-sphere has already taken to predicting the lineup based on bubbling rumors, tour schedules, album releases, iphone coming to verizon, myspace laying off employees, and statistics from past coachellas.

so as a member of the elite music blogging community, i too will construct a coachella 2k11 lineup consisting of totally uneducated guesses, wishlist rubbish, and past coachella participation factors. i have made sure to include some shitty acts since every year there are tons of barf worthy artists on the bill.

here is the brutal hipster coachella 2k11 lineup in no particular order…

best coast
velvet revolver
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
daft punk
kings of leon
lykke li
kanye west
major lazer
beach house
no joy
company flow *reunion
sufjan stevens
la sera
girl talk
dimmu borgir
valient thorr
busy p
dj medhi
sunn o)))
lower dens
toro y moi
gold panda
harrys gym
woah hunx *reunion
tame impala
tim and eric
das racist
aloe blacc
ty segall

what do you think? best lineup ever? are these bands on your wish list? are you gonna ditch at&t for the verizon iphone?

thom yorke’s new song is a charity to all

thom yorke‘s new single, honoring the remembrance of british servicemen and women who have been killed or injured on duty, is quite the charitable contribution. dubbed “2 minutes of silence“, the song is just that… two minutes of nothing.

considering the decade-long drought of quality material graced by yorke’s geniushype, this is music to my ears. lets hope this easy-on-the-ears style is a sign of forthcoming yorke-ified music to come. ears too need not a killing nor injuring.

the song will be avail for purchase november 7 with proceeds going to troops and their families. [facebook group]

below is a clever video teaser of the song and video featuring some important figures and celebrity idols.