pocahaunted’s amanda brown copies bethany cosentino; starts new band

photo credit: caitlin c mitchell

eagle rock dronewave weirdos pocahaunted disbanded earlier this year much to my kitteh dismay. main girl amanda brown seems to have decided to follow former bandmate bethany cosentino‘s footsteps to start a new band, perhaps due to bethany’s path to mega stardom with best coast.

brown’s first venture with her new group, la vampires, was the collab album with brutal hipster fave zola jesus which showcased some dope dubbed out experimental dronewave.

this week, she put out a fresh video of a track from her forthcoming album “so unreal”. the song, featuring matrix metals, “make me over” has browns signature weird, trippy, verbed out, wave wavisms over indie-caliber electronic beats. the video, though severely lacking in felines, is colorful and sexy and psychedelic and totally hypnotic.

so far, la vampires are kicking this brutal hipsters’ ass.

peep the vid:

LA Vampires – Make Me Over from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.