ok… omar rodriguez lopez finally releases something that doesnt suck

yesterday, omar rodriguez lopez released a “jam” album with zach hill and juan alderete that was just meh. today, he has released a live album featuring his recent touring troupe highlighted by the standout drum work of deantoni parks.

while still “jammy” in nature, the songs are a bit more composed than that of yesterdays “mantra hiroshima”. the album also contains vocals courtesy of ximena sariana rivera… though riveras vocals quickly grow tiring.

oh yeah… the album is called “どういたしまして”. listen and download below:

public service annoucement: brutal hipster will no longer blog about omar rodriguez lopez and/or bradford cox. maybe.

omar rodriguez lopez reaches into his databank, releases new album

since having been ousted (by bradford cox) as the mayor of i-like-music-but-you-release-way-too-much-stuff-ville with his daily free atlas sound album releases, omar rodriguez lopez has lit a fire under his own ass by releasing a new album dubbed “mantra hiroshima”.

recorded in conjunction with drummer zach hill and bassist juan alderete (the mars volta, vato negro), “mantra hiroshima” is pretty much on schedule for lopez who has been on the one-album-per-month plan. “mantra hiroshima” is very much the proggy, psychedelic, jam session type recording we have come to known from senior lopez.

its hard to say if that “jam session” type recording is worthy of its $6.99 price tag compared to the $0.00 atlas sound “bedroom databank” album-length demos. but let your ears decide for you. roll a fatty and hit the play button below…

bradford cox saturates his own market, releases third free atlas sound album in as many days

bradford cox has indeed released a third installment of “bedroom databank” in as many days perhaps unseating omar rodriguez lopez as the most prolific music maker and releaser of said made music. volume three of atlas sound’s “databank” of demos contains 14 tracks recorded throughout the year.

free music is great and all but these daily releases are beginning to saturate the atlas sound market. its unlikely diehards have even had the time to listen to volumes one and or two with the holiday season afoot.

furthermore, telling his fans that the songs were recorded “at home” and “on a tascam” only conveys the impression that the works are unfinished and probably throwaway not worthy of graduating to deerhunter status.

would u be thankful for a fourth volume of “bedroom databank” on thanksgiving? are u tired of this shit? do u even care about bradford cox to begin with?

now stop basting that turkey and download volume three for freeeeeee: http://deerhuntertheband.blogspot.com/2010/11/atlas-sound-bedroom-databank-vol-3.html

past databank coverage: volume one, volume two

omar rodriguez lopez volta thinks is cool to release an album every month

photo credit: robin laananen

guitar playing fro bro of the mars volta, omar rodriguez lopez, has released yet another album with a difficult-to-pronounce title, “cizaña de los amores“, which google translates to tares de los amores. thanks google.

cizaña follows tychozorente which was released a month ago and is of listenable latin-flavored prog rock, unlike some of his caustic experimental throwaway “albums” but fails to capture anything spectacular esp considering his wealth of releases. just another drop in the gulf of mexico.

his lil bro marcel plays drums but he aint no deantoni parks or jon theodore. marcel should remain a fulltime macbook pro player.

ximena sariñana riveras again provides vocals as she has in the past. in fact, all her vocal melodies are lifted via cut and paste protools from the past mp3 files.

so check it out. maybe throw omar some monies cuz he works hard and has a cool fro.

omar rodriguez lopez releases another difficult-to-pronounce album

prolific music maker omar rodriguez lopez (one of the mars volta fro bros) has just minutes ago released a(nother) new album.

he surprised his fans via twitter: “happy surprise tuesday release day, new album.”  but honestly, it seems like he releases a new album EVERY tuesday.

the new album is called “tychozorente”.  how do you pronounce that?

“tychozorente” features the vocal work of ximena sarinana rivera, who has collaborated on past omar albums.  there is also a particular absence of guitars on the album (which is omars signature instrument).  despite that, its not quite as noisy and experimental as some of his past guitar-free albums.

stream/buy the album:

Tychozorente by Omar Rodriguez Lopez