seattle radio dj praises robert smith karaoke “smash”, disses crystal castles

just this morning, dj marco collins of seattle radio station KEXP gave robert smith‘s karaoke version of crystal castles‘ “not in love” a resounding two thumbs up by declaring it an “f’in SMASH” via an enthusastic tweet. in the same less-than-140-characters public message, he pooped on crystal castles’ original version of the platinum blonde cover by calling it “meandering”.

but it seems collins’ sentiment is resonated by hardcore music junkies and music noobs all across the internet. the amount of buzzworthy praise has been blowing up facebook status updates and youtube comments in birthday-wall-post-bomb loads. from old people who dismiss new music as hipster trash to those who are spoon-fed music via traditional over-the-air radio, television “soundtracks”, pandora, and other passive channels of music “discovery”, the people have spoken. they like a familiar, tired, aging voice atop a modern, relevant backdrop of “meandering” blips. (see #oldnew.)

this outpouring of fat bob love has seemingly adjusted (de)merit previously placed upon crystal castles (and their music-making hipster bretheren) in a more positive light via “this is kinda cool” type tweets. who knew a karaoke number would tip the scales of fear-based music distancing.

listen to the original hipster version:

now listen to the f’ing brilliant fat bob karaoke version:

thinking billy corgan should get on the hipster karaoke train…

robert smith sings karaoke to crystal castles, recording surfaces

the cure‘s robert smith was caught singing karaoke to crystal castles‘ “not in love” and a recording has surfaced. fat bob sings it “his” way and fails to capture alice glass’ cyborg angst. of course i am quite sure cure lovers across the universe will sing praises about their beloved old man.

file this under #oldnew:

sometimes U2 cant make it on their own; hire producers to write “club” bangers

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word has trickled through the interwebs that U2 is teaming up with various producers like redone (lady gaga), (black eyed peas), and david guetta on one of three upcoming albums… this one being a “club” record.

one can only assume this was inspired by the proliferation of electro/rave music highlighted by the justice remix of U2s own “get your boots on“. that remix transformed the the track into something less sucky by layering justice’s bass-heavy electro thump underneath the girly vocals of bono. the U2 lads went all discotheque on us before so its not an entirely shocking move. plus they wont need to alter their stage show since they already utilize major rave lazers and hi-def 1080p displays.

and weve seen such blatant displays of creative exhaustion and misdirection by aging pop stars before like madonna with her “ray of light” album. even aging teen pop stars resort to computers and trends like christina aguilera and her recent “bionic” album. or orange county ska punk bands get all reggaeton on us.

but everyone loves U2 because they do good deeds, have nice hair cuts, seem like approachable cool dads, and are ingrained in your soul via legit hits during your formative years. so this “club” record will no doubt be a major $ucce$$ and branch out to a whole younger pre-KCRW fanbase.

maybe U2 will co-headline a future hard fest alongside die antwoord and steve aoki and rivers cuomo… the hard 360 fest.

file this under #oldnew.

u know u just cant get enough of #oldnew

“oldnew” is a new series about old ppl creating new musics.

in this first edition, we have margin gore and vince clarke working on a new “techno-ish” track:

this is moderately exciting because gore and clarke used to play on the same depeche mode team before clarke joined the erasure expansion team.

all we know thus far is that this collaboration is ONE song. and the song is called “zaat”.

along with my moderate excitement is moderate caution. i hope its not meh. but i know u want an albums worth of goreclarkemode. u know u just cant get enough of that music that made a huge impact on ur life during ur formative/impressionable high school years…