google launches music blog, renders brutal hipster irrelevant

the almighty google have been flexing their muscles lately having scooped up motorolas mobile unit, unleashed their facebook-killer social network google plus, and now have introduced a brutal hipster-killer music blog called magnifier.

despite having a stupid name and being hosted on their decrepit blogspot platform, magnifier has already impacted interest, traffic, and relevance of brutal hipster thanks to googles huge built-in reach and highly guarded “tastemaker” algorithm unique to google.

the “tastemaker” algorithm allows google magnifier to offer up free music from only the most legit artists like my morning jacket, shabazz places, the walkmen, etc. it can only get better from here once they iterate on the “tastemaker” algorithm to factor in witch house, dubstep, and djent-step.

where will brutal hipster go from here? maybe google will buy brutal hipster. or should brutal hipster pivot and get into food blogging?