sunset junction bucks festival trend, stirs media attention before the event instead of after

anyone with a twitter account or the slightest pulse on the music scene ought to be familiar with the consistently absurd pattern of recent music festivals making headlines after the event due to various organizational slips (or catastrophes) such as death (drugs!), chaos (lines!), snafus (no more booze!), etc.

well, the annual sunset junction music fest has done what its hipster-infested circus (sorry too easy) and marched to the beat of its own drum circle by tripping on its own untied shoes. sunset junction faced an injunction this week that they were not able to meet causing the fest, originally to have taken place this weekend, to sunset.

the sunset junction promoters had not the permits because it owed the city a bunch of monies from last years event. the sun junx went into panic mode and asked the public for donations (err hopefully attendees already shelled out money to the once-free event). that went nowhere. then in came the might corporation even non-hipsters love to hate, live nation. live nation ponied up $10k to support the fest but that city said “ur monies no good, please take a shower u filthy hipsters” and denied the permit.

but way to keep everyone on their toes. this pre-media frenzy was not anticipated. nor was getting in bed with live nation.

whatevs… this years lineup was kinda was all sorts of meh. so what u finna do this weekend?