bethany cosentino lends vocals on a meaningful song that has nothing to do with sunburn, cat hair, phat blunts

indie darling bethany cosentino of best coast has shown plenty of sparkle in the vocal department but has come up short in the lyrics department which have merely been relegated to expressing her need for getting blazed in sunny summer weather while surrounded by maine coons and her boyfriend.

cosentino has lent her vocals to “when will i feel love”, a song and video aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking in europe and asia powered by black iris and mtv exit, mtv’s global anti-trafficking campaign.

the song is a piano and vocal pop ballad thats fit for mainstream, chart topping consumption. watch/listen to the track below:

MTV EXIT full version: “When Will I Feel Love” – Black Iris featuring Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast from MTV EXIT on Vimeo.

find out more about the mtv campaign on their poorly coded website: