brutal faves: top blog posts of 2010

as is customary in the blogosphere, the compilation of year-end lists never ends… even weeks into the new year either due to laziness, partying, and/or family gathering depression.

i thought i would drag out the top 10 (er… 8) onslaught by digging into ye olde brutal archive and recap the first-ever calendar year of brutal hipster blogging with some highlights and higherlights. some posts were breaking, some instigated mad controversy, others were totally overlooked… but all spread the good word.

here they are in no particular order…
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brutal faves: albums of 2010

u skimmed my fave songs of 2010 list… now here is the brutal hipster fave albums list of 2010 list for you to totally ignore.

though were are many excellent releases this year, these are probably the ones i spent the most time listening to. also, putting these picks in order of significance is pretty much the hardest thing a person can do. like sofies choice hard. but i cheated by looking at other blogs that already put out their year-end lists.

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there is no man in mountain man

mountain man emerged from the (maybe) fierce mountainous region of bennington, vermont and appeared on my brutal music radar.

they tricked me because i thought i would be getting myself into some psychedelic bearded mountain man rock ‘n roll (a la black mountain). instead, mountain man is a vocal-driven trio of ladies sometimes accompanied by a single acoustic guitar.

they have an album called “made the harbor” thats a sweet collection of folksy choir music.

light some candles and sample their hymns and then go see them on tour with jonsi: