“LOL”: klaxons release leftover tunes from sessions recorded during album no one is buying

once interesting nu-rave rockers klaxons, who recently re-released their latest album “surfing the void” as a “deluxe” edition with some extra songs, have found some more leftover tracks “from the vault” and dished it out for all as a free downloadable ep.

the ep, “landmarks of lunacy”, is five songs recorded during the “surfing the void” sessions.

pretty nice of these guys (or their management) who came to realize their “deluxe” album ploy was simply cheating fans into re-buying “surfing the void”. though really, they are just masking this “gesture” as a product of holiday spirit. pfffftt.

surf on over to the bands site to download “LOL”: http://www.klaxons.net

klaxons album sales hurting, release deluxe edition to bait fans to re-buy latest album

no more than four months after the release of their latest album “surfing the void”, klaxons (or their record label polydor) have reached deep into their bag of tricks and announced plans for an updated “deluxe” release that contains four new songs.

clearly a sign of weak album sales, this ploy has been a common practice since the emergence of internet-fueled music distribution (free or otherwise) aimed at giving the album additional marketing muscle and press coverage (yeah i fell for it) and capturing larger numbers at the expense of fans who have already purchased the album.

what id like to see is for them to release deluxe book of album covers cuz astro kitty is pretty much the best thing about “surfing the void”.

now pardon me while i go use the litter box…

active child is in ur church at night and probably during the day too

a band that has captured my brutal senses this year by the name of active child has released a music video for the lead track off their curtis lane ep, “im in your church at night”. its a somewhat odd and borderline creepy video because apparently creepy videos are in season (see klaxons, la sera, …).

despite declaring their presence in ur church at night, it seems that church is where active child spend all of their time based on their choir-influenced, electronic-tinged mood music. curtis lane is a pretty outstanding collection of six choir-core pop tunes fit for eclectic cool dads and faithful hipsters.

get ur church on…