la sera show off poor personal chemistry, play new song, display great musical chemistry

katy goodman‘s new group la sera were recently invited by multinational apple product accessory maker corporation, incase, to jingle some new jangles in some hip new studio (funded by said corporation) called room 205.

after a bunch of arguing, miscommunication, and failed attempts at being funny, the band finally get their shit together and play a sweet new song called “devils hearts grow gold”.

go incase…

que sera, la sera

katy goodman is a busy vivian girl who also happens to have really cool bangs and gives victoria legrand a run for best indie hair. having released the all saints day ep earlier this year, she is working on a solo project under the name la sera.

the first song “never come around” drops november 16 via 7″ form factor and takes goodmans indie fuzz rock and dips it in some sweet 60s flavor. listen (or download) to “never come around”: