brutal faves: top blog posts of 2010

as is customary in the blogosphere, the compilation of year-end lists never ends… even weeks into the new year either due to laziness, partying, and/or family gathering depression.

i thought i would drag out the top 10 (er… 8) onslaught by digging into ye olde brutal archive and recap the first-ever calendar year of brutal hipster blogging with some highlights and higherlights. some posts were breaking, some instigated mad controversy, others were totally overlooked… but all spread the good word.

here they are in no particular order…
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band stops traffic on busy los angeles freeway to perform its shitty music

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a “band” called imperial stars has resorted to extreme measures to perform a shitty song that no one ever wanted to (or should) listen to by stopping traffic on the busy 101 freeway in los angeles.

sometime around 10:30 am today, imperial stars blocked traffic with their ed hardy-caliber decorated tour bus and began performing an impromptu concert. fortunately, lapd (who hate hipsters) also hate d-bags bros too and arrested the band.

aptly titled “traffic jam 101”, the song is a reminder why the terrorists hate us. feast your eyes on this horrid music video: