bradford cox releases free collection of freshly recorded home demos

remember when demos came on cassettes or extras on CD singles? well deerhunter‘s bradford cox has channelled that forgotten relic of releasing “extra stuff lying around that eventually evolves into polished recordings” in the form of a collection of bedroom demos in modern day mp3 format.

but to shake things up, cox adds a spin to it by releasing it almost immediately upon recording, never giving the demos a chance to mature to “chinese democracy” studio craft. recordings took place this august, october, and within the past week. cant more musicians produce and distribute this quickly?

“bedroom databank”, released under the atlas sound moniker, contains 11 tracks recorded on a tascam dp-08 and an unnamed pc computer. one track is a kurt vile cover and another is a bob dylan song. everything else is all cox.

download “bedroom databank” to your databank…