rock ‘n roll is dead: activision pulls plug on guitar hero

mainstream media outlet and restaurant, rolling stone, has reported the death of rock ‘n roll via once popular virtual music video game, guitar hero, which has been officially laid to rest.

statement: “due to continued declines in the music genre, the company will disband activision publishing’s guitar hero business unit and discontinue development on its guitar hero game for 2011.”

the hard decline of music genre video games can only be attributed to itself for the cheapening the live music experience and contributing to the general decline in human creativity.

purist musician nerds who saw this genre as an offensive disemboweling of their musical merits and achievements through years of forced parental demands can declare victory thanks to video game publishers who never figured out how to develop the genre into a future-proof platform.

so does this spell victory or doom for competing franchise, rock band?

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