death grips face rip: zach hill copies jon theodore, teams up with an angry rapper dude(s)

lil drummer boi zach hill has been caught flirting with angry rapper bro(s) in a new avantgarde project called death grips. much like jon theodore who teamed up with another zack (de la rocha) for drum shit and shouty rapping in one day as a lion.

internet searches reveal little info on death grips. but based on mp3s and vidz provided, they make one day as a lion smell like one day as a timid puppy. freshest rap music since nephlim modulation systems and company flow.

and album and mixtape are forthcoming. good news since rap music has been soft like gucci manes ice cream tattoo.

peep the “full moon (death classic)” wrecker below and download mp3s over at

gucci mane gives away new mixtape for free cuz he way cray

troubled rapper gucci mane, who may or may not have recently been banished to an asylum, has surfaced in musical form via a mixtape manipulated by uk producer sinden entitled “free gucci ii: the burrrtish edition”. the mixtape is a follow-up to diplo’s original gucci mixtape.

his decision to make this mixtape available for free supports the courts psych sentencing. i mean, what brand new gucci lovin dope boy with the dope toys gives music away for free?

while u ponder that, download the mixtape here: