busy p spits fighting words at disney for pooping on daft punk tron remix album, offers up free hand-picked remix by goose

busy p (the p diddy of electro) has slammed disney for cashing in on the tron and daft punk brands by pulling a common record industry practice of releasing a remix album of starbucks counter caliber quality.

the former manager of daft punk calls out disney a&r for being a shopper of electronic music at airport kiosks. ouch.

we owe it to bros with clout like busy p to call out brutal moves by the powers that be that hurt the quality of the music we know and love. he took it upon himself to soften the blow by digging out a rejected re-interpretation by belgium’s goose.

thanks p. let the children take no bullshit.

download “son of flynn (goose remix)”: http://busyp.coolcats.fr/wp-content/SON-OF-FLYNN-GOOSE-REMIX.mp3