one uninteresting band to cover another uninteresting band for record store day release


it was just announced that the meandering metal bros, mastodonkey, will be making a second entry into the record store day cult by covering the overcooked flaming lips whos only flames they fan are their own. the 7″ will feature the flaming lips’ “a spoonful weighs a ton” on the a-side and the mastodon rendition on the b-side.

will this offering prove that two mehs make a yeah!?

creative visionary wayne coyne shoots official ariel pink video on his black iphone 4, results are meh

wayne coyne of the acclaimed flaming lips band helped out his buddy ariel pink film a low budge music video for “round & round” utilizing only his black iphone 4 and fancy one-touch hipstamatic filter via in-app purchase.

though coyne is generally pushing creative boundaries, particularly at the intersection of sound and visuals, the results of this video are of twitvid caliber. perhaps fully intentional, the zero-effort music video appears to mimic the psychedelics of substance abuse, but ultimately fails to convey anything of substance.

wonder if results would have been better had coyne used a windows phone

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Round & Round from Delo Creative on Vimeo.