lapd war against hipsters update: echo curio surrenders, hipster infighting ensues

in an unsurprising turn of events, echo curio, the shop and multi-use venue targeted by lapd earlier this year, has surrendered in defeat. after failed attempts at securing proper licensing, the venue has announced that they are closing for good–a huge loss to the local hipster community.

while this marks a large victory for the hipster-hating po po, perhaps more destructive is the infighting between scenesters brought upon by todays tragic news.

captured live on twitter today, was the back-and-forth between prominent los angeles music blogger kevin bronson of and the owners of echo curio. bronson declared his indifferent stance towards the venues closing, citing poor sound and unsafe shoegazing conditions. echo curio shot back cheekily and the two parties exchanged subsequent tweets…

its certainly sad to see negative vibes within the los angeles music community particularly coming from a victory by a common nemesis. but such is the happenstance of success and growth spurred by unchill city enforcement.

is lapd behind the spaceland/satellite hullabalo?

LAPD hates hipsters, shuts down los angeles venue you’ve never heard of

LAPD has shut down echo curio curiosity shop & gallery, a small los angeles area venue (in echo park) claiming lack of proper “entertainment” license.

with the rising population of hipsters in los angeles, this has forced “true” hipsters to find more underground venues, like echo curio, for congregating and discovering new bands. its likely this threat of uncontrollable growth has forced the no-fun police to attempt to extinguish any sign of budding community.

which venues will be targeted next? 6th street warehouse? vacation vinyl? origami vinyl? thesex?

UPDATE: art shows will carry on but music performances are cancelled until further notice.