keep it real: holographic hullabaloo #coachella

tupac’s holographic appearance along side snoop dogg and dr. dre at coachella (wknd #1) stirred up a boiling hip hop hot pot of excitement and nostalgia against dissent towards the digital fabrication of a once-living “thing”. with the “magic” of technology, the masses were wowed yet fooled by a technological illusion, a digital puppet.

we now (always had) have the powers to deliver something while saying its something else. but what does it mean when we can create any “thing” and say it is whatever we want it to be?

i mean… what then is the difference between a holographic tupac and a elvis impersonator? or a metallica cover band? or for that matter, a fedex delivery guy who claims he used to start for the yankees? what if i told you this blog was actually written by a real human being?

though the reaction that followed was a seemingly divide between gangsta tweens and jokesters and dissenters, rumors spread that they would be taking this holographic handjob on the road. which would definitely have to be filed under the biggest scam in all of the history of the universe. talk about devaluing a legacy for the sake of capitalistic greed and inappropriate use of technological trickery and mass manipulation madness.

keep it real.