girl talk releases new album, crashes internet

mash up darling girl talk has released a new album, “all day”, for free via the internet this morning and has subsequently crashed the internet due to foreseen demand. if you havent already acquired it, good luck. youre better off waiting until later in the day or doing a quick google search.

the digital album comes in two collectable formats… a single album-length mp3 or separated mp3s. girl talk states that the album is meant to be listened to as a whole but provides a listener-friendly split-up version for easier navigation. and he doesnt even ask for your email address in return! what a swell guy!

so… which version will you download?

re-fresh: dub kweli

from the producer of mos dub, doublecheck your head, and jaydiohead comes… dub kweli.  mashup artist max tannone has given the dubbed out, reggaefied treatment to cool rapper talib kweli.

brutal hipster lubs the dub so brutal hipster lubs dub kweli.  //even bettah then the real ting//.

its yours now for the low, low price of freeeee! listen/download:

Dub Kweli by Max Tannone