dj shadow teases new material via free d/l yet insists on limited free d/l window and complicated d/l process

acclaimed dj/producer/musicmaker dj shadow teased fans with free 2 track mp3 e-single from his as-yet-untitled new album earlier this month.

side A boasts a dark, dramatic, electronic-heavy number, “def surrounds us”. sampled and cut up vocals atop a hip hop-tempoed bass booms and drum ‘n bass-like snares. fresh.

side B features an acoustic soul track that is nice but not really what shadow fan wants to hear when cranking the shad on their zune.

anyways, anyone who attempted to download the songs were confronted with servers incapable of handling the load. should anyone reach the download page, they were required to add the tracks to a virtual shopping cart and register for an account (which contains 13 required fields) to d/l the tunes.

the second brutal hipster hit that reg form, brutal hipster closed the damn browser tab and surfed over to a website that provided a one-click solution.

yall still dont get it do you music industry? eventually, the dj shadow camp figured it out… they offloaded it the excellent bandcamp.

BUT… this offer didnt last long. the shadow camp only offered the d/l for free for 2 measly days (adjusted for server downtime). its now back up to a full price of $2.99 behind the complicated store walls.

nice try there. yes, its not DRM. but if anyone has been taking notes as to how people consume their media in the past several years, they would know that DRM is a no no and the ease and convenience of content acquisition is a HUGE deal.

so shadow dudes… brutal hipster suggests you put on some skinny jeans and get with the times. this is the future. dont be living in the past like our friend sufjan.

peace out dogg.