gucci mane gives away new mixtape for free cuz he way cray

troubled rapper gucci mane, who may or may not have recently been banished to an asylum, has surfaced in musical form via a mixtape manipulated by uk producer sinden entitled “free gucci ii: the burrrtish edition”. the mixtape is a follow-up to diplo’s original gucci mixtape.

his decision to make this mixtape available for free supports the courts psych sentencing. i mean, what brand new gucci lovin dope boy with the dope toys gives music away for free?

while u ponder that, download the mixtape here:

diplo and lunice poop on deerhunter’s “helicopter” via remix treatment

supermegahot “it” dj/producer/filmmaker/labelhead diplo has teamed up with producer lunice to remix the song previously featured as “song of the day” here on, deerhunter‘s excellent “helicopter” (from their just released “halcyon digest” album).

unfortunately, the remix merely layers what is a touching and somber song with undesirable beats, ultimately removing soul and substance from an otherwise simple but rich song. #subtractionbyaddition

at least we know who lunice is now.

peep this poop:
Deerhunter – Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix) by maddecent

das not mini mixtape

if that yelle minimix left u disappointed… well, then you have half a brain like me.

so just a day or two ago (my memory is poor), das racist has put out a free mixtape via mad decent/mishka/greedhead. this aint no “mini” mix… this is a full-on hour-plus mixtape of hot shit from teengirl fantasy, diplo, boi-1da, scoop deville, and others u actually aint nevah heard of.

hip hop is weird these days. its straight up overly produced mainstream shit, or too-chill/positive rap that was futuristic back in the early 2000s, or electro-influenced cross-over stuff that is half-relevant. bros are still into hip hop cuz they aint got no clue and/or their chicks be dancing to that shit.

but i trust in mad decent to have a finger on the pulse (via the diplodocus).  so peep this FREE mixtape from das racist…