cults brag about how giving away their music helped them blow up, get signed

vice mag‘s noisey venture has captured internet/blog sensations, cults, during a recent stop in san fran.

in the video, the band brags about how their “free” music model really helped propel them into the blogosphere and subsequently onto a major label signing despite not “understanding” the internet. good for them i guess.

check out the interview and catch performances of new songs “abducted,” “never heal myself,” and “you know what i mean” over at noisey:!/view/meet-cults

cults teams up with hollywood for cheesy tween-worthy video for “go outside”

the most excellent cults now have an official music video for their most excellent “go outside” song as a part of mtv‘s “supervideos” gimmick where a hip band teams up with hip hollywood directors and actors to produce a throughly un-indie music video.

the video for “go outside” features direction from patrick hoelck and some fantastic acting from the pretty faces of emma roberts and dave franco. the end result glimmers with overwrought hollywood gloss and drenched with tween-fantasy cheese… a most un-excellent visual accompaniment to a most excellent song.

hey cults… can we has new album yet?

UPDATE: this is not the official video. just some promolicious activity. an official video is still to come! pray for hipster irony.

brutal rumor: coachella 2k11 lineup leaked, not leaked #rumorwave

as we near the official announcement, the annual coachella lineup guessing game is upon us and the internet-o-sphere has already taken to predicting the lineup based on bubbling rumors, tour schedules, album releases, iphone coming to verizon, myspace laying off employees, and statistics from past coachellas.

so as a member of the elite music blogging community, i too will construct a coachella 2k11 lineup consisting of totally uneducated guesses, wishlist rubbish, and past coachella participation factors. i have made sure to include some shitty acts since every year there are tons of barf worthy artists on the bill.

here is the brutal hipster coachella 2k11 lineup in no particular order…

best coast
velvet revolver
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
daft punk
kings of leon
lykke li
kanye west
major lazer
beach house
no joy
company flow *reunion
sufjan stevens
la sera
girl talk
dimmu borgir
valient thorr
busy p
dj medhi
sunn o)))
lower dens
toro y moi
gold panda
harrys gym
woah hunx *reunion
tame impala
tim and eric
das racist
aloe blacc
ty segall

what do you think? best lineup ever? are these bands on your wish list? are you gonna ditch at&t for the verizon iphone?

brutal faves: mp3s of 2010

as a blog, its probably an important idea to do one of those year-end lists because youre not a legitimate blog without some ridiculous list that only serves to arbitrarily bookend a measurement of time. and since im new to blogging, i really want to be legit. so aboard the bandwagon i go…

here are my 14 fave mp3s of 2010 in half-assed countdown order as determined by my brutal and hip senses. was gonna do top 100 but a bunch of other shitty blogs already pulled that include-everything stunt. i wont stoop.

in brief, 2010 was all about kanye west because its always about him. but brutal hipster is not about kanye so here are my brutal faves sans kanye (with accompanying song in ipad-friendly video format).
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cults gives away music, scores major label deal

who says giving away music will only lead to bankruptcy, failure, misery, and career suicide?

credible news source pitchfork have revealed that brutal hipster fave, cults, have inked a lucrative recording contract with columbia records, proving that focusing on making good music and letting anyone and everyone hear it IS THE FUCKING WAY TO GO.

the stellar young outfit from new york distributed their self-titled 7″ for free via the bandcamp earlier this year. each of the three songs standout as indie pop homeruns of sweet musical innocence, drenched with pleasant melodies, sparkly xylophone twinkles, and well-placed complimentary guitar flutters.

though “signing to a major” (i thought) had gone the way of the dodo (as far as relevant artists go), its nice to see that musicians can still turn nothing into something. of course if their columbia debut sucks ass, thats another story. and yeah… fat chance anything under the columbia umbrella will be given away for free. ๐Ÿ™

now download the 7″ and vibe out to “go outside”…