jesu takes page out of coldplay, scott weiland, mariah carey; releases christmas jingle

christmas is a special time when some of our favorite artists channel their inner santa claus and gift us with christmas jingles.

like our beloved coldplay, scott weiland, and mariah carey have done in the past, post-metal outfit jesu, masterminded by godflesh mastermind justin k. broadrick, has tapped into the christmas spirit and released a timely new ep called “christmas”. not sure why this wasnt included on the free holiday/pro-consumerism compilation sponsored by target but it really would have been a great fit.

jesu’s brand of drone metal is sweet meditative holiday music perfect for roasting chestnuts on an open fire. youll even be dreaming of a white christmas with the accompanying remixes, one by pale sketcher and one by final, which further elevate the level of ambience and drone.

well done mister flesh… thinking next season you should collaborate with u.s. christmas on a reindeer ditty.

scott weiland injects himself into the xmas spirit

bad boy rock ‘n rolla mofo scott weiland of stone temple pilots, velvet revolver, and tmz fame is set to follow the footsteps of great respected musicians, like mariah carey, jessica simpson, weezer, the chipmunks, amongst many others and release a christmas album.

the rocker previously recorded “have yourself a merry little christmas” back in 2006 and now is planning on growing out the full santa beard and really leaving his mark on rock ‘n roll.

the album, “most wonderful time of the year“, drops 11/23/10.

check out this fresh clip of scotty giving us the low down on his xmas spirit…