bobb bruno wears obscure black metal band t-shirt on letterman; letterman doesnt care

obscure u.s. black metal band xasthur made its biggest appearance via bobb bruno‘s chest when he wore a xasthur t-shirt for best coast’s sped-up black metal-inspired rendition of “each and everyday” on the nationally televised late nite w/ david letterman tv show.

letterman clearly disregarded the xasthur shirt and black metal overtones as he was infatuated with snacks the cat on the best coast album cover.

watch their performance…

best coast’s bobb bruno caught wearing a non-black shirt

indie rock’s “man in black”, bobb bruno, only ever dresses in black when (not disguised as a bunny). he can be spotted in everything from a xasthur shirt to a black tux.

however, it seems that his heavily touring band, best coast, caught him on a laundry day where he is forced to appear at a taping for their “crazy for you” video in a non-black shirt.

bobb bruno keeps it classy, wears tuxedo to formal event

indie rock legend and best coast side show bobb bruno was caught wearing, not his usual black t-shirt nor bunny suit, but a tuxedo. appropriately, this was a formal quinceañera at los angeles public park so good for him for dressing up.

spot fancy bobb in this hi-fi quinceañera commemorative video set to the lo-fi best coast “boyfriend” tune: