johnny marr teams up w/ best coast to write a song that sounds like best coast

credit: erik voake (marr); david black (cosentino)

ex-smiths guitarist johnny marr has teamed up with a bunch of young relevant artists, including best coast, providing inspiration for new songs. the best coast song “in your sleep” sounds exactly like best coast. not sure why he was necessary since best coast can pump out great tunes without his help.

i suppose its a way for mister marr to keep up with the kids by involving himself in some totally distant way like fabricating some fantasy, location-based, instagram-filtered, cool story (bro) about something that didnt actually happen.

read about this totally predictable publicity stunt and check out the best coast track that recalls early best coast:

bethany cosentino lends vocals on a meaningful song that has nothing to do with sunburn, cat hair, phat blunts

indie darling bethany cosentino of best coast has shown plenty of sparkle in the vocal department but has come up short in the lyrics department which have merely been relegated to expressing her need for getting blazed in sunny summer weather while surrounded by maine coons and her boyfriend.

cosentino has lent her vocals to “when will i feel love”, a song and video aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking in europe and asia powered by black iris and mtv exit, mtv’s global anti-trafficking campaign.

the song is a piano and vocal pop ballad thats fit for mainstream, chart topping consumption. watch/listen to the track below:

MTV EXIT full version: “When Will I Feel Love” – Black Iris featuring Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast from MTV EXIT on Vimeo.

find out more about the mtv campaign on their poorly coded website:

bobb bruno wears obscure black metal band t-shirt on letterman; letterman doesnt care

obscure u.s. black metal band xasthur made its biggest appearance via bobb bruno‘s chest when he wore a xasthur t-shirt for best coast’s sped-up black metal-inspired rendition of “each and everyday” on the nationally televised late nite w/ david letterman tv show.

letterman clearly disregarded the xasthur shirt and black metal overtones as he was infatuated with snacks the cat on the best coast album cover.

watch their performance…

coachella lineup announced: the brutal rumor prediction report card

after daft punk rumors, beastie boys rumors, rolling stones rumors, cancellation rumors, and white iphone rumors, the official 2k11 coachella lineup has finally been unveiled. it seems that the organizers selected from other fests to assemble this lineup. they took some hard fest acts and mixed em with a bunch of fyf fest acts and added some lamestream hollywood bowl acts and voila… the 2k11 lineup!

last week, yours truly took the time (very little time) to spread attention towards this totally overrated fest with some totally uneducated guesses as to who might perform.

so how did i do? well… i scored a modest 9 out of 42. not too shabby considering part of the list was pure wishlist fantasy and i typed that list with my kitten eyes closed.

here are my correct picks (in no particular order):

best coast
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
kings of leon
tame impala
kanye west

enough about me, what do u think of this years lineup? is it amazing or is it poo? who are you most suprised/excited to see on the list?

go examine the full lineup over at the official coachella site. make sure to have a magnifying glass handy so you can see whos playing earlier in the days…

best coast’s bobb bruno caught wearing a non-black shirt

indie rock’s “man in black”, bobb bruno, only ever dresses in black when (not disguised as a bunny). he can be spotted in everything from a xasthur shirt to a black tux.

however, it seems that his heavily touring band, best coast, caught him on a laundry day where he is forced to appear at a taping for their “crazy for you” video in a non-black shirt.

brutal rumor: coachella 2k11 lineup leaked, not leaked #rumorwave

as we near the official announcement, the annual coachella lineup guessing game is upon us and the internet-o-sphere has already taken to predicting the lineup based on bubbling rumors, tour schedules, album releases, iphone coming to verizon, myspace laying off employees, and statistics from past coachellas.

so as a member of the elite music blogging community, i too will construct a coachella 2k11 lineup consisting of totally uneducated guesses, wishlist rubbish, and past coachella participation factors. i have made sure to include some shitty acts since every year there are tons of barf worthy artists on the bill.

here is the brutal hipster coachella 2k11 lineup in no particular order…

best coast
velvet revolver
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
daft punk
kings of leon
lykke li
kanye west
major lazer
beach house
no joy
company flow *reunion
sufjan stevens
la sera
girl talk
dimmu borgir
valient thorr
busy p
dj medhi
sunn o)))
lower dens
toro y moi
gold panda
harrys gym
woah hunx *reunion
tame impala
tim and eric
das racist
aloe blacc
ty segall

what do you think? best lineup ever? are these bands on your wish list? are you gonna ditch at&t for the verizon iphone?

brutal faves: albums of 2010

u skimmed my fave songs of 2010 list… now here is the brutal hipster fave albums list of 2010 list for you to totally ignore.

though were are many excellent releases this year, these are probably the ones i spent the most time listening to. also, putting these picks in order of significance is pretty much the hardest thing a person can do. like sofies choice hard. but i cheated by looking at other blogs that already put out their year-end lists.

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brutal faves: mp3s of 2010

as a blog, its probably an important idea to do one of those year-end lists because youre not a legitimate blog without some ridiculous list that only serves to arbitrarily bookend a measurement of time. and since im new to blogging, i really want to be legit. so aboard the bandwagon i go…

here are my 14 fave mp3s of 2010 in half-assed countdown order as determined by my brutal and hip senses. was gonna do top 100 but a bunch of other shitty blogs already pulled that include-everything stunt. i wont stoop.

in brief, 2010 was all about kanye west because its always about him. but brutal hipster is not about kanye so here are my brutal faves sans kanye (with accompanying song in ipad-friendly video format).
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the go! team and best coast team up on song well past sell-by date

the go! team (remember them?) and best coast‘s bethany cosentino have recorded a track called “buy nothing day” which is a song about the international day of protest against consumerism typically celebrated the day after thanksgiving… the day known to most as “black friday”.

ironically, the single, which drops jan 24, is already well past its sell-by date (just like the go! team); therefore entirely missing any and all impact of the message behind the song. at least bethany shines like california sunshine.

Buy Nothing Day by threeminutesthirtyseconds

bobb bruno keeps it classy, wears tuxedo to formal event

indie rock legend and best coast side show bobb bruno was caught wearing, not his usual black t-shirt nor bunny suit, but a tuxedo. appropriately, this was a formal quinceañera at los angeles public park so good for him for dressing up.

spot fancy bobb in this hi-fi quinceañera commemorative video set to the lo-fi best coast “boyfriend” tune: