sony music admits they fucked up, apologizes to bradford cox

pitchfork has reported that evil sony music has apologized to bradford cox and his management for royally fucking up. the untrusting media giant accused cox of unauthorized distribution of copyrighted work… which happened to be shit he recorded in his own bedroom.

after being defaced on the interwebs and flamed via emails, sony music threw their hands up claiming the tracks “were mistakenly removed” and apologized for any “inconvenience”.

but is this even acceptable? does sony music think they are the TSA? why isnt there a bigger stink about this “mistake”? are we still too preoccupied by rumors that the iphone is/isnt coming to verizon? or are we too caught up in black friday/cyber monday/taco tuesday/follow friday?

breaking news: sony attacks bradford cox, removes his atlas sound databanks from mediafire claiming “unauthorized reproduction and distribution”

media giant, sony music, has taken a post-thanksgiving shit on the music industry and its customers by forcibly removing freely distributed recordings by an unassociated artist (bradford cox). sony sent cox a notice informing him of “unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by sony music.” cox has ushered his fans to contact the faceless giant to civilly give them a piece of your collective minds.

this week, cox has been releasing one album per day containing bedroom recordings recorded throughout the year, some having been recorded only the night before. as an artist with as much creative muscle as cox, combined with the ease of music distribution via the internet, cox posted the albums on mediafire for the world to enjoy.

sonys intervention sees no direct connection, except the cover of a bob dylan song which ironically is the one album that was NOT removed from mediafire. #headscratcher

in these modern times of girl talk and low-effort cut/paste sampling, its an insult to true artists and music fans everywhere that sony would pull such close-minded, controlling tactics on a genuine musician who did no such direct lifting nor sought profit in his endavours.

the end of the internet and the music industry is near. commence torrenting as much digital media as you possibly can before the internet implodes. i may soon no longer have an internet to blog in/on.

does this spell the death of “bedroom databank”? will we ever see “databank vol. 5”?

UPDATE: bradford cox gives sony music the finger, updates links to databank downloads…

bradford cox doesnt give thanks but gives u “bedroom databank vol. 4”

well we all thought it was possible but considering the confusion of who actually works on this american holiday, would bradford cox continue this weeks daily trend of free album releases? the answer is… yes.

with no regard to thanksgiving, cox has released vol. 4 of “bedroom databank” for free via the deerhunter website. so while you are busy hanging out with people u dont really want to be hanging out with, u can at least look forward to downloading another atlas sound album when you get behind ur macbook air tonight.

of note, all but one track of vol. 4 were recorded YESTERDAY while you were out leaving work early and getting tanked. the exception being a track from a talent show audition in 1975. cox includes some lengthy text describing talent show (which can be read on the website in the worlds tiniest font).

think hes recording new stuff right now for vol. 5 tomorrow?

download vol. 4:

bradford cox saturates his own market, releases third free atlas sound album in as many days

bradford cox has indeed released a third installment of “bedroom databank” in as many days perhaps unseating omar rodriguez lopez as the most prolific music maker and releaser of said made music. volume three of atlas sound’s “databank” of demos contains 14 tracks recorded throughout the year.

free music is great and all but these daily releases are beginning to saturate the atlas sound market. its unlikely diehards have even had the time to listen to volumes one and or two with the holiday season afoot.

furthermore, telling his fans that the songs were recorded “at home” and “on a tascam” only conveys the impression that the works are unfinished and probably throwaway not worthy of graduating to deerhunter status.

would u be thankful for a fourth volume of “bedroom databank” on thanksgiving? are u tired of this shit? do u even care about bradford cox to begin with?

now stop basting that turkey and download volume three for freeeeeee:

past databank coverage: volume one, volume two

bradford cox channels his inner omar rodriguez lopez, releases second atlas sound album in two days

following up yesterdays “bedroom databank” collection of home recordings, deerhunter‘s bradford cox has released volume two of his atlas sound “bedroom databank” series containing 16 songs.

will we see a third volume tomorrow?

until then, give thanks for free music and download volume two:

bradford cox releases free collection of freshly recorded home demos

remember when demos came on cassettes or extras on CD singles? well deerhunter‘s bradford cox has channelled that forgotten relic of releasing “extra stuff lying around that eventually evolves into polished recordings” in the form of a collection of bedroom demos in modern day mp3 format.

but to shake things up, cox adds a spin to it by releasing it almost immediately upon recording, never giving the demos a chance to mature to “chinese democracy” studio craft. recordings took place this august, october, and within the past week. cant more musicians produce and distribute this quickly?

“bedroom databank”, released under the atlas sound moniker, contains 11 tracks recorded on a tascam dp-08 and an unnamed pc computer. one track is a kurt vile cover and another is a bob dylan song. everything else is all cox.

download “bedroom databank” to your databank…

song of the day/night: deerhunter “helicopter”

when i first heard about deerhunter, my kitten ears thought the band was “beerhunter”. clearly, hours of googling yielded no music related results. it was then when i realized it was “dear”, not “beer”. a little disappointed and confused, i continued my crawling of the internet. but what i discovered was not at all what i was expecting. turns out i was still incorrect. it was “deer”, not “dear“. jesus…

so here i am… soul-deep in deerhunter’s new album “halycon digest“. having explored “cryptograms” and “microcastle” as well as, i am convinced that deerhunter have hit it! “halycon digest” is their “reign in blood“, their “master of puppets“, their “merriweather post pavillion“…

the song that has captured my senses all day has been “helicopter”, a song that bleeds of bradford cox‘s soul–a tourtured and lonesome soul at the gates of end times. you get a sense of the innards of his emptiness. its moving, touching. musically, its every bit his solo project, atlas sound.

who’d a thunk so much emptiness could yield so much soul? immerse yourself…