radiohead didnt get memo that newspapers are dead; proceeds to release “worlds first newspaper album”

radiohead are attempting to stealing the grammy winning buzz from arcade fire today by announcing presale for their upcoming new album. as with any radiohead release in recent memory, it is wrapped with meaningless gimmickery catering only to senesless worshippers of the overrated band.

the new album “the king of limbs” is said to be “(perhaps) the worlds first newspaper album”. not sure what a “newspaper album” (thusly it being the first of its kind). according to the presale site, the “album” comes with a gazillion little pieces paper with colors and stuff. neat.

but apparently radiohead didnt get the memo that newspapers are dead. this gratuitous inclusion of unnecessary crap that servers only the purpose to take up space and collect dust is a backwards step for a band who likes to portray themselves as forward thinkers.

fortunately, the album will be available in a non-newspaper friendly, digital-only version thats playable on your kindle/nook e-newspaper reader.

but dont think you can pay-what-u-want for it this time around. the digital only version starts at $9 while the newspaper version starts at a hot $48. acquiring free radiohead musics via legit channels was fun while it lasted (though less fun on the ears).

preorder “the king of limbs” here:

greedy hipster who attempted to take advantage of arcade fire fans gets pwnd

los angeles has been a hotbed for “secret” shows by major mainstream alternative artists this past week including foo fighters, arcade fire, and… well thats it.

arcade fire have stirred up the los angeles community over the past 24 hrs by “announcing” a “secret” show with ticket sales at local record shops. fans to flocked to respective shops to line up for tickets which went on sale at noon today. the twitt-o-sphere has been a’google buzzin about long lines and doughnuts and friendly hipster activities and large amounts of irrelevant garbage.

obviously the demand for tickets has been enormous with so much arcade fire love in the air, and without fail, some greedy hipsters are trying to cash in on the buzz.

one particular scammer posted a message on craigslist offering “back cuts” in line for a cool fifty dollars.

fortunately though, with the power of community and love and arcade fieriness, street justice was delivered as said greedy hipster was pwnd by @FYFFEST who and syndicated his phone number, email, facebook, and other digital fingerprints back onto craiglist under the “casual encounters” section.

good work guys and gals. this day smells like victory and doughnuts and sounds like sweet arcade fire anthems. #hipsterunity

the arcade firefox

the arcade fire released an interactive web music video that combines location-based magic and futuristic web technology that can only be experienced inside of a web browser on your computer.  you enter the address of where you grew up and then watch/listen to your computer transform into an arcade fire.

im not sure what the point of such an elaborate music video-experience was. if it was supposed to make me like their music, it didnt work.  or maybe it was cuz it recalled unchill memories of my home town.

the song is called “we used to wait”… the interactive film is called “the wilderness downtown” (no relation to black mountain’s awesome “wilderness heart” album).

enter the past via the future now:

note: this does not work in firefox. use google chrome.

sidebar: not sure why they tout it as html5 when the doctype is clearly “xhtml1-transitional”.