shitty blogger puts food truck in his 2010 top albums list

some “blogger” by the name roycifer, of the unpopular metal site apeshit, has produced a list of his top metal albums of 2010 that happens to include a food truck as one of his picks (specifically the grill ’em all truck).

sounds gimmicky despite grill ’em all truck being metal-themed. really… food does not belong in a list about music. even more baffling is that his list is only five deep, meaning the categorically incorrect inclusion drops his list to a top four. is that even a list? should he even be allowed to post a list, let alone blog? most sensible year-end lists start at ten-deep and maybe hit twenty total. some crappier lets-please-everyone or i-cant-fucking-decide include every-album-released-in-the-year-2010.

at least he is hip to black mountain who he slotted as his #2 album of the year.