kinda brutal: jay maisel eats andy baio’s soul

andy baio, the musician responsible for the inspiring 8-bit/chiptune tribute to miles davis “kind of bloop”, has revealed that his soul has been devoured by some jay maisel.

this jay maisel dude took the photo of the “kind of blue” album cover and went for the kill after discovering baio’s “kind of bloop” having used a pixelated facsimile of the photo as the cover for his digital tribute.

so maisel had a camera and pressed a button on it. big whoop. he thinks the world owes him for that split second of “work”. but is it work? a photograph is just a still representation of a moment of time. talk about facsimile.

meanwhile, baio spent the time to creatively reinterpret miles davis‘ musical recording (for fun) giving it a retro-modern (?) spin on the masterpiece and to visually represent it in the same manner.

so the two entered the legal ring and fisticuffs ensued. baio threw a “fair use” uppercut and severely damaged maisels diamond-encrusted scowl on maisels face. maisel then retaliated by slamming baio, as well as the risiding judge, with a solid gold folding chair. that delivered a blow too strong for baio. he realized he didnt stand a chance fighting legitimately while his opponent was out to strong-arm him and neutral parties without an honest fight. baio had no choice…he tapped out.

the seven month legal tussle came to an end. standing over baio, maisel commenced baio’s slow demise one cannibalistic bite after another and snatching his wallet carrying $32.5k.

so that blow, totally blows. im sure prince has a purple opinion on this. check out “kind of bloop” and maybe throw baio a few (or $32.5k) bucks, yeah?