†‡† officially changes name to ritualz, releases free “ghetto ass witch” remix album

the witch house artist formerly known as †‡† will henceforth be known as ritualz.

the twitter-happy artist fired off a tweet last night declaring that “ritualz” is the band name and †‡† is the logo. then he proceeded to poop on his fans saying “get with the times” (re: band name vs logo confusion).

whatever. changing the name was probably a good idea considering most keyboards and iphones lack the † and ‡ keys.

this well-timed public backtracking coincides with the release of a new remix album that featuring seven interpretations of the title track from the recently released album “ghetto ass witch” album.

download it free or throw ritualz a few bones via the “name your price” plan…

charlie sheen spurns offer to grace new †‡† ep, lindsay lohan hired

charlie sheen has showed his love for drugs ‘n partying ‘n dubstep but has spurned an offer to grace the cover of new ep by grave wave witch housers †‡† (ritualz). too bad cuz a young ‘n seXxXee ‘n whorey lindsay lohan has been smacked on the album art instead.

“ghetto ass witch” is †‡†’s new ep and it vibrates of beats ‘n claps ‘n witchy vibez. stream and d/l it below. but dont rapidly share it cuz †‡† will get m▲d.

is the music industry in danger of running out of band names?

in these modern times of fail whales, groupons, social graphs, and cell phone providers still sucking ass, there has been an abundance of too-similar band names colliding in my itunes library (ALL legally acquired of course)…

twin shadow/twin sister/eagle twin, deerhunter/the dear hunter/deerhoof, the black keys/black lips/black mountain/black kids/black angels/black rebel motorcycle club, neon indian/neon trees/neon neon, crystal castles/crystal antlers/crystal stilts, memory tapes/memory house/beach house, sweet cobra/black cobra, black breath/death breath, gold panda/hot panda, etc. etc. etc.

this collision course has paved the way for bands to come up with names that are entirely unpronounceable, sometimes containing characters that may not even exist on your regular qwerty computer keyboard like SUNN O))), oOoOO, !!!, ///▲▲▲\, SLEEP ∞ OVER, †‡†, ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ, etc…

are we running out of band names? are bands fucked? our music fans fucked? is the music industry fucked (up)?