pitchfork launches digital platform to get u to buy physical media

buy buy buy!nice try pitchfork. i see thru ur pitch and fork. u tell us pitchfork advance is an evolution of “album art” but what does that even mean? first there was the pdf, then there was the itunes lp, u could even say album microsites are a form of “evolved” album art and liner notes and *gasp* a stream of the album. this is nothing new and album art isnt anything that can evolve beyond what it is which is a graphic that represents the album.

clearly what we have here in pitchfork advance is a digital promo tool to push sales of physical media. the “buy album” link is the only thing spelled out in plain english on that page (save for the artist name and advance logo). even calling out pitchfork advance targeting “pre-releases” is classic album promo tactics. the only intention is to boost hype before an album release date to generate sales.

so we get it.. youre masking just another way to sell physical media under the whole “were doing this new thing that never existed before!” next!

keep it real: holographic hullabaloo #coachella

tupac’s holographic appearance along side snoop dogg and dr. dre at coachella (wknd #1) stirred up a boiling hip hop hot pot of excitement and nostalgia against dissent towards the digital fabrication of a once-living “thing”. with the “magic” of technology, the masses were wowed yet fooled by a technological illusion, a digital puppet.

we now (always had) have the powers to deliver something while saying its something else. but what does it mean when we can create any “thing” and say it is whatever we want it to be?

i mean… what then is the difference between a holographic tupac and a elvis impersonator? or a metallica cover band? or for that matter, a fedex delivery guy who claims he used to start for the yankees? what if i told you this blog was actually written by a real human being?

though the reaction that followed was a seemingly divide between gangsta tweens and jokesters and dissenters, rumors spread that they would be taking this holographic handjob on the road. which would definitely have to be filed under the biggest scam in all of the history of the universe. talk about devaluing a legacy for the sake of capitalistic greed and inappropriate use of technological trickery and mass manipulation madness.

keep it real.

henry rollins leverages the power of the internet to blog about how the internet cheapens the very information it broadcasts

credit: timothy norris

outspoken “old guy” henry rollins has offered his thoughts on the recent passing of amy winehouse. behind his thoughts on her passing is commentary on technology and the internet.

rollins goes about blaming the internet for “[speeding] up the world’s information uptake but they have cheapened that which they capture”. ironically, the internet is the very medium in which he used to broadcast these thoughts.

he then continues, “a text conversation is a short exchange of often grossly truncated language that corresponds to a thought made all the more shallow by the process”. turns out that statement is just wordy way of saying “stop tweeting and call your mother!”

in seriousness, i wholeheartedly agree that the instantaneous consumption of informations over a far broader range diminishes the worth of its cargo. i mean, even rollins’ message itself is just one of many of his “talks” that appear to say a lot but ultimately say little.

still though, isnt it kind of in bad taste to piggyback commentary on the state of our digital society on the passing of a beloved soul that touched… wait what happened to the stock market?!?

coachella expands to two weekends to ensure suckage for all

so… in a silly attempt to address its growing popularity via enormous ticket demand and self-aggrandizement, the coachella organization has decided to right-click copy and paste its event onto a second weekend (april 13-15, 2012 and april 20-22, 2012)… exact same lineup, same art, same venue. or so they promise.

their logic: since not enough tickets were avail for everyone who wanted to attend coachella, lets just do the same coachella twice so that everyone can attend.

the reality: its not gonna be the same event. and it will only attract more bozos. and, well… its lame.

its obvy impossible to ensure a duplicate event over two weekends. watch when next year tyler the creator cant make one of the coachellas cuz hes in trouble with the law. or when sufjan stevens wont get on stage for one of the coachellas due to a misplaced feather in his fancy winged cape. and the coachella orgs will brush these hiccups off by sending out a press release apologizing for the “incident(s)”.

but whatevs… the event which has already jumped the shark. thanks to the participation of low-talent bro-rock turds kings of leon, lamestream hip pop jerkface kanye west, and generally overpricing and underdelivering, coachella is merely just diluting their dry dusty desert brand.

of course all lame bros ‘n hoes from around the world will still help sell out the fest in record time probably by attending both and the coachella org will pat themselves on the back for having “succeeded” in solving the problem of coachella ticket demand.

demand is a good thing and coachella dont want it. do something cool like add a fourth date or sumthing. double rainbow coachella so stupes.

mom ‘n pop record stores invent “record store day” to encourage music fans to live in the past

sometime in 2007, a psuedo holiday was invented called “record store day”. it was a delayed knee jerk reaction to the evolution away from physical media and general truth denial that people no longer buy stuff from music stores.

so this fake unholiday has actually gained traction over the years. with artists gathering leftover tracks, reissues, remixes, and other such throwaway low-effort goodies which probably were never intended to be released to be “exclusive” and “limited edition” record store day items, theres now a seemingly infinite new crop of musics for fans to get their hands and hard drives on. still a pretty cool deal yo.

but this idea of buying music is both costly and takes up actual space. i thought we had moved on from that? are we gonna let old ppl continue to uphold inefficient and outdated ways of consuming musics just for the sake of a nostalgia us kids have never experienced?

the “limited edition” concept never made much sense. yes, it creates the perception of value and ownership desirability. but if an artist poured his heart, soul, and livelihood into his art, why would he want only a select few to be able to enjoy it? #scratcheshead

if record store day continues to grow, maybe online retails will instate their own “legal digital music download day” holiday.

this year record store day falls on april 16, 2011. what are you buying on record store day? or are u gonna stay modern and wait for these treats to end up on the rapidshares and megauploads??

visit the official record store day site to see which brick and mortar shops are participating and for a full list of the RSD goodies: http://www.recordstoreday.com

sony music admits they fucked up, apologizes to bradford cox

pitchfork has reported that evil sony music has apologized to bradford cox and his management for royally fucking up. the untrusting media giant accused cox of unauthorized distribution of copyrighted work… which happened to be shit he recorded in his own bedroom.

after being defaced on the interwebs and flamed via emails, sony music threw their hands up claiming the tracks “were mistakenly removed” and apologized for any “inconvenience”.

but is this even acceptable? does sony music think they are the TSA? why isnt there a bigger stink about this “mistake”? are we still too preoccupied by rumors that the iphone is/isnt coming to verizon? or are we too caught up in black friday/cyber monday/taco tuesday/follow friday?

breaking news: sony attacks bradford cox, removes his atlas sound databanks from mediafire claiming “unauthorized reproduction and distribution”

media giant, sony music, has taken a post-thanksgiving shit on the music industry and its customers by forcibly removing freely distributed recordings by an unassociated artist (bradford cox). sony sent cox a notice informing him of “unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by sony music.” cox has ushered his fans to contact the faceless giant to civilly give them a piece of your collective minds.

this week, cox has been releasing one album per day containing bedroom recordings recorded throughout the year, some having been recorded only the night before. as an artist with as much creative muscle as cox, combined with the ease of music distribution via the internet, cox posted the albums on mediafire for the world to enjoy.

sonys intervention sees no direct connection, except the cover of a bob dylan song which ironically is the one album that was NOT removed from mediafire. #headscratcher

in these modern times of girl talk and low-effort cut/paste sampling, its an insult to true artists and music fans everywhere that sony would pull such close-minded, controlling tactics on a genuine musician who did no such direct lifting nor sought profit in his endavours.

the end of the internet and the music industry is near. commence torrenting as much digital media as you possibly can before the internet implodes. i may soon no longer have an internet to blog in/on.

does this spell the death of “bedroom databank”? will we ever see “databank vol. 5”?

UPDATE: bradford cox gives sony music the finger, updates links to databank downloads… http://deerhuntertheband.blogspot.com/

sufjan’s asthmatic confusion

previously on the real world, sufjan steven’s record label asthmatic kitty blatantly asked sufjan fans to consider fans pay more money for sufjan’s new album “the age of adz”. in other words, dont buy at a discounted price from amazon… buy from a smaller distro that puts more money back in the wallets of sufjan and the asthmatic kitties.

just now, asthmatic kitty posted an update on their facebook page directing people to amazon where sufjan’s 2006 album, “the avalanche”, is avail for a discounted $5 price in digital format (which is the same price via bandcamp fyi).

although this isnt the just released “the age of adz” album that the kitties previously barked at, this is still a discounted price. i thought the value of artistic elbow grease greatly exceeds that of a latte?

confused hipster…

dear weezer: eat this ten mil bill and choke and die and take kings of leon with you kthxbai

some james burns has pitched once-tolerable band weezer $10 million to break up, assuming fans of said bands commit to ponying up megabucks. mister burns cites false promises of besting their untouchable blue and “pinkerton” albums, as well as their abundance of post-“pinkerton” diarrhea, while casually mentioning he has “never been a fan”.

so basically, mister burns hates weezer and, like mister “buy this track” project, believes that, with the help of viral muscle, he can stuff money down the throats of lepers to cure what plagues us all.

cool, dude. we know weezer likes to sell out their souls to the muppets, snuggies, hurley brand clothing, pacsun, and the steve aokis so they would probably kill themselves for a cool ten mil. but u said urself that u h8 weezer so basically you are duping jaded fans to put money into your own selfish cause which will only spawn an awful rivers cuomo solo project.

brutal hipster fully supports the downfall of weezer but much prefers this happen on its own accord sans silly measures of bribery. and if bribery were successful, id much rather see it put towards the eradication of the kings of leon cuz brutal hipster has brutal h8tred towards the KoLs.

if you believe in this campaign, you can insert your money here: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/campaign-0-1079

(this post was written while not listening to weezer.)

dj shadow teases new material via free d/l yet insists on limited free d/l window and complicated d/l process

acclaimed dj/producer/musicmaker dj shadow teased fans with free 2 track mp3 e-single from his as-yet-untitled new album earlier this month.

side A boasts a dark, dramatic, electronic-heavy number, “def surrounds us”. sampled and cut up vocals atop a hip hop-tempoed bass booms and drum ‘n bass-like snares. fresh.

side B features an acoustic soul track that is nice but not really what shadow fan wants to hear when cranking the shad on their zune.

anyways, anyone who attempted to download the songs were confronted with servers incapable of handling the load. should anyone reach the download page, they were required to add the tracks to a virtual shopping cart and register for an account (which contains 13 required fields) to d/l the tunes.

the second brutal hipster hit that reg form, brutal hipster closed the damn browser tab and surfed over to a website that provided a one-click solution.

yall still dont get it do you music industry? eventually, the dj shadow camp figured it out… they offloaded it the excellent bandcamp.

BUT… this offer didnt last long. the shadow camp only offered the d/l for free for 2 measly days (adjusted for server downtime). its now back up to a full price of $2.99 behind the complicated djshadow.com store walls.

nice try there. yes, its not DRM. but if anyone has been taking notes as to how people consume their media in the past several years, they would know that DRM is a no no and the ease and convenience of content acquisition is a HUGE deal.

so shadow dudes… brutal hipster suggests you put on some skinny jeans and get with the times. this is the future. dont be living in the past like our friend sufjan.

peace out dogg.