pitchfork launches digital platform to get u to buy physical media

buy buy buy!nice try pitchfork. i see thru ur pitch and fork. u tell us pitchfork advance is an evolution of “album art” but what does that even mean? first there was the pdf, then there was the itunes lp, u could even say album microsites are a form of “evolved” album art and liner notes and *gasp* a stream of the album. this is nothing new and album art isnt anything that can evolve beyond what it is which is a graphic that represents the album.

clearly what we have here in pitchfork advance is a digital promo tool to push sales of physical media. the “buy album” link is the only thing spelled out in plain english on that page (save for the artist name and advance logo). even calling out pitchfork advance targeting “pre-releases” is classic album promo tactics. the only intention is to boost hype before an album release date to generate sales.

so we get it.. youre masking just another way to sell physical media under the whole “were doing this new thing that never existed before!” next!

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