computer glitch revives dormant blog, spams twitter with old posts #glitchhop

errora blog named brutal hipster was accidentally revived in an embarrassing manner after a computer glitch caused by social publishing platform blogging platform wordpress to auto-spamm twitter with 10 old posts dating back as far as june 23rd of 2011.

this unfortunate situation resulted in many angry twitter followers, with at least 10 having already unfollowed @brutalhipster.

those who werent quick to dismiss the anonymous blogger demanded a public apology for the social networking faux pas. approximately two hours after the incident, @brutalhipster tweeted…

not the sincerest of apologies but this suppresses fear that the mysterious cat has moved on to the next of his nine lives. will we hear from brutal hipster again??

One thought on “computer glitch revives dormant blog, spams twitter with old posts #glitchhop

  1. “one of the better internet comebacks of 2k+something. stoic, understated. brutal hipster’s form continues to take transgressive, postmodern twists. strong suspense overtones, continuing cult of personality, the brutalhipster narrative continues to take us down dark 4th wall hallways. the wit and candor lights the way.”

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