chino moreno steals ritualz logo; ritualz is not pleased

chino moreno, the singer from popular alterna-emo-heavyish rock band deftones, has a side project called crosses who just released a teaser video promoting the bands upcoming album.

the video is brandished with three crosses in a style similar to popular witch house recording artist, ritualz. ritualz has caught wind of this and flipped his shit on twitter and facebook but not google+ (aww).

moreno is clearly trying to ride the witch house buzz which has probably all but peaked at this point. but ritualz is overreacting anyways since mainstream kids who catch wind of the new crosses imagery may accidentally confuse ritualz releases with crosses music and buy ritualz music instead.

so at the end of the day, everyone wins. yay.

ravers show up to hollywood rave movie premier, have stand-off instead of dance-off

credit: nick walsh (la times)


yesterday, a premiere for the electric daisy carnival documentary at the manns chinese theater in hollywood turned into a clash between authorities and raver tweens.

some popular dj named kaskade fired off a tweet that sent the local area raver community in a hizzy to catch a free outdoor block party preceding the premiere. despite city approval, they clearly had not learned their lesson from past electric daisy carnival mayhem. shit quickly got outta control and turned itself into a trending topic on twitter.

cant electric daisy carnival get their shit in order? we really must save the chaos and destruction and city dollars for when sports teams win (or lose). at least we got a planking out of it. (isn’t planking over?)