red hot chili peppers announce new album, no one cares

remember when red hot chili peppers were a little bit fun, a little bit exciting, a little bit funky, and a little bit dangerous? me neither.

these four rhcp old guys have announced their gazillionth album called “i’m with you” to hit your local sam goody and wherehouse music stores on august 30th.

the album will feature the participation of guitarist josh klinghoffer who replaced john frusciante. mister frusciante has been in and out of the rhcp fold cuz hes too busy making soft introspective jams that has seen zero reception over the years.

but if anything weve seen from the red hots in the past decade is that they will have at most two upbeat semi funky jams and a couple high charting sensitive sing-a-long bro jams fit for your local modern rock radio station overkill domination with too much monk and not enough funk. and the rest is just rick rubinized filler pop rock jams.

i mean, their last album “stadium arcadium” was two discs too many and really only served as a way for the band to stay relevant by way of rock band/guitar hero inclusion. wheee.

but really… they should have followed the rage against the machine or soundgarden path of unsaid hiatus only to field offers for their disingeniuous return to make a killing in the name of doing what they told ya but instead they cant stop cuz they are addicted to the shindig. you with me?

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