coachella expands to two weekends to ensure suckage for all

so… in a silly attempt to address its growing popularity via enormous ticket demand and self-aggrandizement, the coachella organization has decided to right-click copy and paste its event onto a second weekend (april 13-15, 2012 and april 20-22, 2012)… exact same lineup, same art, same venue. or so they promise.

their logic: since not enough tickets were avail for everyone who wanted to attend coachella, lets just do the same coachella twice so that everyone can attend.

the reality: its not gonna be the same event. and it will only attract more bozos. and, well… its lame.

its obvy impossible to ensure a duplicate event over two weekends. watch when next year tyler the creator cant make one of the coachellas cuz hes in trouble with the law. or when sufjan stevens wont get on stage for one of the coachellas due to a misplaced feather in his fancy winged cape. and the coachella orgs will brush these hiccups off by sending out a press release apologizing for the “incident(s)”.

but whatevs… the event which has already jumped the shark. thanks to the participation of low-talent bro-rock turds kings of leon, lamestream hip pop jerkface kanye west, and generally overpricing and underdelivering, coachella is merely just diluting their dry dusty desert brand.

of course all lame bros ‘n hoes from around the world will still help sell out the fest in record time probably by attending both and the coachella org will pat themselves on the back for having “succeeded” in solving the problem of coachella ticket demand.

demand is a good thing and coachella dont want it. do something cool like add a fourth date or sumthing. double rainbow coachella so stupes.

cold showers channel black metal vibes, play sissy music

los angeles area hipsters cold showers have revealed themselves as closet black metal fans in new video “i dont mind” where they fuck around in corpsepaint, inverted crosses, fake blood, and play hot potato with a pig head a la mayhem.

ironically, their music is pretty un-grim, sissy, new wave shit. something tells me euroymous would have non of this…

new bass drum of death video glorifies drinking, smoking, burning shit, having fun, and hi-def videography

garage rock homeboys bass drum of death threw a party and turned it into their latest music video for “get found” off their “gb city” album. the video depicts todays youth culture doing kid stuff like drinking, smoking, burning shit, and having fun in slo mo and regular mo at the highest definition video fidelity.

peep the vid below. rock out with your creepy mask out…