mom ‘n pop record stores invent “record store day” to encourage music fans to live in the past

sometime in 2007, a psuedo holiday was invented called “record store day”. it was a delayed knee jerk reaction to the evolution away from physical media and general truth denial that people no longer buy stuff from music stores.

so this fake unholiday has actually gained traction over the years. with artists gathering leftover tracks, reissues, remixes, and other such throwaway low-effort goodies which probably were never intended to be released to be “exclusive” and “limited edition” record store day items, theres now a seemingly infinite new crop of musics for fans to get their hands and hard drives on. still a pretty cool deal yo.

but this idea of buying music is both costly and takes up actual space. i thought we had moved on from that? are we gonna let old ppl continue to uphold inefficient and outdated ways of consuming musics just for the sake of a nostalgia us kids have never experienced?

the “limited edition” concept never made much sense. yes, it creates the perception of value and ownership desirability. but if an artist poured his heart, soul, and livelihood into his art, why would he want only a select few to be able to enjoy it? #scratcheshead

if record store day continues to grow, maybe online retails will instate their own “legal digital music download day” holiday.

this year record store day falls on april 16, 2011. what are you buying on record store day? or are u gonna stay modern and wait for these treats to end up on the rapidshares and megauploads??

visit the official record store day site to see which brick and mortar shops are participating and for a full list of the RSD goodies:

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