brutal treat: each coachella ticket holder to get free high tech gps device

if u were lucky enough to snag one of them $300 coachella tickets (err wristbands), then u will be delighted to hear that each ticketwristbandthingy will include a high tech gps tracking device at no additional cost! plus each tracking device may or may not be compatible with your fancy verizon iphone 4.

not only will you have access to thee hottest festival in north america featuring some of thee hottest bands and up-and-coming buzzworthy artists, this sweet lil freebie will allow u to report your location to your fest-going buddies in REAL TIME!! so whether u are chillin in the beer garden or doing the dougie in the [sponsor] tent or trading drugs for merch at one of the merch booths or sexing it up if ur coleman tent, u will know where ur buddies are at all times.

we are really fortunate to be in these modern times where such techie toys allow us to experience music and community in ways we never could before. pretty sweet i say.

are u excited for coachella?!???!!

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