death grips face rip: zach hill copies jon theodore, teams up with an angry rapper dude(s)

lil drummer boi zach hill has been caught flirting with angry rapper bro(s) in a new avantgarde project called death grips. much like jon theodore who teamed up with another zack (de la rocha) for drum shit and shouty rapping in one day as a lion.

internet searches reveal little info on death grips. but based on mp3s and vidz provided, they make one day as a lion smell like one day as a timid puppy. freshest rap music since nephlim modulation systems and company flow.

and album and mixtape are forthcoming. good news since rap music has been soft like gucci manes ice cream tattoo.

peep the “full moon (death classic)” wrecker below and download mp3s over at

brutal treat: each coachella ticket holder to get free high tech gps device

if u were lucky enough to snag one of them $300 coachella tickets (err wristbands), then u will be delighted to hear that each ticketwristbandthingy will include a high tech gps tracking device at no additional cost! plus each tracking device may or may not be compatible with your fancy verizon iphone 4.

not only will you have access to thee hottest festival in north america featuring some of thee hottest bands and up-and-coming buzzworthy artists, this sweet lil freebie will allow u to report your location to your fest-going buddies in REAL TIME!! so whether u are chillin in the beer garden or doing the dougie in the [sponsor] tent or trading drugs for merch at one of the merch booths or sexing it up if ur coleman tent, u will know where ur buddies are at all times.

we are really fortunate to be in these modern times where such techie toys allow us to experience music and community in ways we never could before. pretty sweet i say.

are u excited for coachella?!???!!

snakehole turn a tumblr into slithery music video for “reincarnate”

miami’s snakehole have carefully assembled images from someones tumblr utilizing their imovie pro and outputted it into “music video” form for their song “reincarnate”. images of satan, witchcraft, thoroughbreds, and burzum flash in a sequence-less pattern atop their unpolished lofi garage punk noise.

feast your eyes…

eddie vedder returns from the dead only to seal his own coffin with new album of ukulele musics

remember eddie vedder? our grunge-era thom yorke? well… im sorry to say hes rearing his grungy head by way of a new solo album “ukulele songs”. consisting of original tunes and covers all performed on a… ukulele, this album is sure to be a winner.

vedder has invited some friends to collaborate, like cat power and glen hansard of the frames/the swell season. perhaps im being a bit brutal. an all ukulele album with fun collab guests might actually be more interesting than yet another pearl jam snoozer or solo album consisting of pearl jam outtakes.

“ukulele songs” hits your digital music stores may 31, ok?

the weeknd release free mixtape, sample beach house, prob some other shit too

toronto alt r&b project the weeknd have dropped a free mixtape called “house of balloons”. i didnt think r&b could be tolerable considering the abundance of popular auto-tuned r&b pop crap. a couple tracks on “house of baloons” feature samples of brutal faves beach house. theres probably some other hip samples buried in there.

download and get groovy:

busy p spits fighting words at disney for pooping on daft punk tron remix album, offers up free hand-picked remix by goose

busy p (the p diddy of electro) has slammed disney for cashing in on the tron and daft punk brands by pulling a common record industry practice of releasing a remix album of starbucks counter caliber quality.

the former manager of daft punk calls out disney a&r for being a shopper of electronic music at airport kiosks. ouch.

we owe it to bros with clout like busy p to call out brutal moves by the powers that be that hurt the quality of the music we know and love. he took it upon himself to soften the blow by digging out a rejected re-interpretation by belgium’s goose.

thanks p. let the children take no bullshit.

download “son of flynn (goose remix)”:

charlie sheen spurns offer to grace new †‡† ep, lindsay lohan hired

charlie sheen has showed his love for drugs ‘n partying ‘n dubstep but has spurned an offer to grace the cover of new ep by grave wave witch housers †‡† (ritualz). too bad cuz a young ‘n seXxXee ‘n whorey lindsay lohan has been smacked on the album art instead.

“ghetto ass witch” is †‡†’s new ep and it vibrates of beats ‘n claps ‘n witchy vibez. stream and d/l it below. but dont rapidly share it cuz †‡† will get m▲d.