name of upcoming green day cd/dvd, “awesome as fuck”, is lame as fuck

american idiots green day are set to release a cd/dvd set documenting their “21st century breakdown tour” that took place over 2009-2010. the release has been given the title “awesome as fuck”. no shit.

who cares that it contains the unreleased song “cigarettes and valentines“. the live album is called “awesome as fuck”. this is clearly a sad attempt to be punk as fuck.

green day is a band whos punk rock successes, though slightly tarnished by overexposure and overproduction, never teetered their songwriting. despite churning hit radio-friendly songs, their artistic vision and attitude (relatively speaking) never waned… until now.

dear billy joe and co… leave this dumb shit up to dudes like rivers cuomo who cant make an artistic decision if his nerdy life depended on it.

“awesome as fuck” is just dumb as fuck.

heres the trailer if you care…

One thought on “name of upcoming green day cd/dvd, “awesome as fuck”, is lame as fuck

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