the flaming lips releases 12 youtube videos meant to be played simultaneously so that no one will ever be able to actually listen to the song as intended

the flaming lips tend to believe that they are greater than great as if a more intelligent species from another universe. greater than radiohead, greater than the beatles, greater than the arcade fire, greater than lady gaga (this may be true).

in this height and might, they tend to go overboard with the delivery of their craft. today they pulled another rabbit released a new song in the form of 12 youtube videos meant to be played simultaneously much like their “zaireeka” album which was comprised of four cds that when played together would produce some alice in wonderland/the wall/illegal substance magics.

this “song” is called “two blobs fucking” which is an ode to saint valentines and the flower industry and hallmark and heart-shaped candies and fucking. due to the high level of complexity involved with how to playback this ridiculous “song”, the flaming lippys have assembled a seziure inducing instructional video attempting to make clear the steps involved in playing the videos. unfortunately, nothing is mentioned about how to actually obtain 12 devices for playback.

so put on a grey suit and watch the instructional video below. then decide on a game plan for getting a “two blobs fucking” tweetup together…

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