dum dum girls say bye bye to lof-fi, get u high-fi

dum dum girls have ditched their lo-fi sound for a polished but genuine, still gritty sound on their upcoming ep, “he gets me high”. though just a miniature four songs, the ep glimmers with a mean luster that sits quite nicely alongside black rebel motorcycle club.

the ep, which includes a dashing cover of the smiths “there is a light that never goes out”, is out march 1st via sub pop. get high and download the rockin title track below. its awesome as fuck!

name of upcoming green day cd/dvd, “awesome as fuck”, is lame as fuck

american idiots green day are set to release a cd/dvd set documenting their “21st century breakdown tour” that took place over 2009-2010. the release has been given the title “awesome as fuck”. no shit.

who cares that it contains the unreleased song “cigarettes and valentines“. the live album is called “awesome as fuck”. this is clearly a sad attempt to be punk as fuck.

green day is a band whos punk rock successes, though slightly tarnished by overexposure and overproduction, never teetered their songwriting. despite churning hit radio-friendly songs, their artistic vision and attitude (relatively speaking) never waned… until now.

dear billy joe and co… leave this dumb shit up to dudes like rivers cuomo who cant make an artistic decision if his nerdy life depended on it.

“awesome as fuck” is just dumb as fuck.

heres the trailer if you care…

gruff rhys releases new music video from “hotel shampoo” that has nothing to do with hotel shampoo

super furry frontman gruff rhys has released a sparkly new video for “sensations in the dark” from his freshly released “hotel shampoo” solo album. the video has nothing to do with his hotel shampoo project and im not sure what it has to do with these “dark sensations.”

cults teams up with hollywood for cheesy tween-worthy video for “go outside”

the most excellent cults now have an official music video for their most excellent “go outside” song as a part of mtv‘s “supervideos” gimmick where a hip band teams up with hip hollywood directors and actors to produce a throughly un-indie music video.

the video for “go outside” features direction from patrick hoelck and some fantastic acting from the pretty faces of emma roberts and dave franco. the end result glimmers with overwrought hollywood gloss and drenched with tween-fantasy cheese… a most un-excellent visual accompaniment to a most excellent song.

hey cults… can we has new album yet?

UPDATE: this is not the official video. just some promolicious activity. an official video is still to come! pray for hipster irony.

robotanists attempt to ride coattails of radiohead, record and release “the king of limbs” cover album 24hrs after release

los angeles band robotanists, who are currently riding silverlake lounge residency waves, has pulled a fast one having recorded and released a cover album of radioheads freshly released “the king of limbs” album a mere 24 hours after its release.

smells like robotanists are after only one thing and one thing only… hype. surely 24 hrs is far too little time to make a proper assessment of an album and those who are already worshipping/slamming radiohead for its genius/overratedness are quick to be dismissed for not giving realistic time to process the musics.

so we r on to you robotanists. the jokes on u if/when we discover “the king of limbs” to not be amazeballs.

stream the robotanists take on radioheads “the king of limbs” below or download it for freeeee over on their bandcamp site

thom yorke loses his religion in new radiohead video “lotus flower”

radiohead have unveiled an artsy new video “lotus flower” to accompany the release of their new album. the video features thom yorke channeling his inner michael stipe while losing his religion and dancing in the spotlight in the corner.

have u downloaded “the king of limbs” to your itouch yet? where does the album rank in the radiohead catalog? does it matter since the radiohead catalog is bed bath above and beyond anything and everything else in the history of life?

former smashing pumpkins album cover model promoted to bassist

credit: sterling andrews

nicole fiorentino, better known as one of the munchkins of the album cover of smashing pumpkins “siamese dream” album, has been promoted to smashing pumpkins bassist due to her years of solid work as an album cover model.

she will continue to model for the “siamese dream” album until the universe is obliterated into smithereens by intelligent life forms from outer-space which will certainly outlast her permanency in billy corgans circus.

just sayin.

watch amanda brown watch a laserdisc in new la vampires video

remember laserdiscs? me neither.

amanda brown of experimentalretrowave la vampires has released another video from the matrix metals collab album that follows the visual thread of the previous two vidz from that release.

watch her insert a laserdisc into a laserdisc player and perform other strange rituals to the album title track “so unreal”…

watch pj harvey perform a full 17-song set while wearing a ridiculous hat

acclaimed musical arteest pj harvey recently performed in paris to mark the release of her new album “let england shake“. the entire concert was webcast and has been archived for your viewing pleasures on the youtoobes.

the 17-song set showcases pj harvey in a ridiculous not-quite lady gaga/aretha franklin hat as well as all songs off the new album and old gems like “c’mon billy” and “meet ze monsta” off of 1995’s “to bring you my love” masterpiece.

update: wait… nevermind. fucktards from “arte” (who?) have blocked the clip due to copyright bullshit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVeuKv6brEY. you will just have to use your imaginations. sorry. and fuck you arte.

guards butchers metallica, vampire weekend, m.i.a. covers, gives them away for free

guards, the little known band with close affiliation to cults, has released a free download of their new covers 7″ comprised of 3 radical reworks of radical artists… namely metallica, vampire weekend, and m.i.a.

these indie kids who released a pretty damn cool ep last year (also free) have proceeded to entirely rewrite the songs into totally unrecognizable shoegaze mush. well… thanks for the freebies?

stream/download/share the tracks below…