cinespace succumbs to touch of death

credit: the cobra snake

popular hollywood venue cinespace has announced that they will be closing after eight years of serving up electro parties for midweek ravers via steve aoki‘s dim mak tuesday who are responsible for flooding email inboxes, twitter accounts, and facebook pages left and right, while not ever throwing events absent of special guests.

as for dim mak tuesday, dim mak is calling it the end of dim mak tuesday. cinespace on the other hand ensures life after death in some form but is withholding announcement for now.

party on wayne.

memory tapes releases video from yesterday for song about today

chillwave heros from 2009, memory tapes, have resurfaced with a new song called “today is our life” (download) from the forthcoming album, which is expected to drop this year.

the track is accompanied by a video of old timey footage culled from busby berkeley, man ray, and herman.c.weinberg works.

is this video meant to appeal to the retro sensibilities of the hipster movement? flappers are chill right?

Memory Tapes : “Today Is Our Life” from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

home of FYF founder goes up in flames, four loko not found at scene

the echo park home of FYF founder sean carlson caught fire last week resulting in about $75000 in damages. carlson and his roommates escaped without harm 🙂 though their cat did not make it. 🙁

firefighters attributed the fire to “carelessly discarded smoking materials”. no cans of four loko were found at the scene.

here is an email statement from carlson:

Early Friday morning my house went up in flames. I intended to write an email solely based on this and how lucky I felt to be alive that evening but needed time to process everything. Here is what happened.

I woke up at 6:45am to my porch on fire and flames coming into my room. I jumped out of bed and ran through the halls waking up all my roommates in a panic. I went back into my room to get my phone to call 911. I made it out the backdoor without any injuries and was lucky to have my dog by my side. Everyone was ok but we couldn’t find the cat. She didn’t make it.

My four roommates and I then climbed over a small wall into our neighbor’s yard. Going out the front was not an option. A man approached me in the street with a pair of sweatpants and an oversized shirt that had in large print, “You Good Girl?”. I felt crazy but having clothes gave me some security. I was no longer barefoot and in my underwear. It was going to be ok. I was alive. It was going to be ok.

The fire department arrived within two minutes. It took roughly 30 minutes to put out the initial fire and three hours to make sure the house was safe to go back into. The front of the house was destroyed but they were able to save the back of the house.

I walked away with grocery bag of belongings but it didn’t matter, I was alive and I knew everything that I lost could be replaceable and if couldn’t, well, that’s life.

I’m not writing this email looking for a handout or sympathy. I am writing this with hopes that you can look at my experience and appreciate your life a little more. Life is very short and unpredictable. Make the best of it and follow your dreams. There is no reason to ever compromise.

I want to thank my friends that came to my side and gave me comfort. Juanita, Brian, Mike, Kate, Sonya, Frank, Justin, Missi, Keith, Phil and everyone else. Thank you. I’m back on my feet and feeling much better.

Here is a blog that covered the story.

I’m not going to write about the upcoming shows that FYF is presenting. I will send another email later in the week with details. Instead I am copy and pasting the last show listing below. This email not intended to promote anything.

Stay positive.

zola jesus releases mp3s with hidden messages

neogothladyvoice zola jesus has teased a couple mp3s via her twitter showcasing some garageabletonband jibberish possibly laced with a hidden message.

the file entitled y.mp3 is a follow up to one she tweeted a week ago entitled x.mp3.

can you decipher the messages? is the message a declaration of her new musical direction of computer manipulated wizardry? is the message incomplete… pending a z.mp3 release? are u excited she is playing coachella?

take a listen…


coachella lineup announced: the brutal rumor prediction report card

after daft punk rumors, beastie boys rumors, rolling stones rumors, cancellation rumors, and white iphone rumors, the official 2k11 coachella lineup has finally been unveiled. it seems that the organizers selected from other fests to assemble this lineup. they took some hard fest acts and mixed em with a bunch of fyf fest acts and added some lamestream hollywood bowl acts and voila… the 2k11 lineup!

last week, yours truly took the time (very little time) to spread attention towards this totally overrated fest with some totally uneducated guesses as to who might perform.

so how did i do? well… i scored a modest 9 out of 42. not too shabby considering part of the list was pure wishlist fantasy and i typed that list with my kitten eyes closed.

here are my correct picks (in no particular order):

best coast
pj harvey
sleigh bells
the arcade fire
kings of leon
tame impala
kanye west

enough about me, what do u think of this years lineup? is it amazing or is it poo? who are you most suprised/excited to see on the list?

go examine the full lineup over at the official coachella site. make sure to have a magnifying glass handy so you can see whos playing earlier in the days…

best coast’s bobb bruno caught wearing a non-black shirt

indie rock’s “man in black”, bobb bruno, only ever dresses in black when (not disguised as a bunny). he can be spotted in everything from a xasthur shirt to a black tux.

however, it seems that his heavily touring band, best coast, caught him on a laundry day where he is forced to appear at a taping for their “crazy for you” video in a non-black shirt.

lower dens stars in first episode of new hipster cooking show

a new hipster cooking show called “long in the mouth” has hit the internet and the first episode features baltimores indie weirdos lower dens. in this episode, singer/guitarist jana hunter prepares a delicious meal while fielding question from bass player geoff graham.

LOWER DENS – BATMAN from on Vimeo.

does that make you want to buy their new single “batman”?